Aerofly FS 2


As a heads up, there is a growing number of free, user made sceneries…

And don’t forget to try the copter!!



Does it do water masks? It looks really nice, but not a fan of that ‘waves no moving in water’ that you get with ortho photos over the wet stuff.

For the VR stuff it is like ‘framerate’ is FS2’s killer feature and given how I’m trudging along with XP11 at 20 fps I can see the appeal.

I think the graphics engine came from their old remote control aircraft sim they had? Like you could actually hook up a remote control controller to it? It always had amazing Swiss Mountain ortho with that F/A-18.


On mobile briefly…so quick reply, but no…no moving water that I can see. Much of the textures are baked in…so that is a negative.

That said, I’ve been blown away by the VR in the O+. I mean…it is fantastic. And I just discovered that the Q400 has a HUD and it looks so good. Shot taken with my phone through the lens…

I’m really in love with this sim and VR pairing, Doing a lot of exploring. If you have a chance to pick up an ORBX airport I would recommend checking one out because they look fantastic in this sim.


Anyone had any observations on the VR menu settings? I gave the Vulkan setting a whirl and my performance went down. Messed around with the Render Scale Factor and also only saw a hit on performance without a noticeable improvement in quality. I have not tried bumping anything up in the Steam VR panel…I still have that earlier suggested setting from the DCS thread.


It looks great.

For screenshots, if you press the ‘Windows’ key on your WMR controller, it’ll bring up the mini-menu, and the flashlight, picture take, video record icons are on there. It puts any photo snaps in your My Pictures / Camera Roll folder by default.


And a little confused as to why this is the guidance on the Aerofly site regarding the Show Native View on Main Monitor:

“This setting will toggle the window on your main (2D) monitor to show split screen or one single screen while in VR. The default setting for this is NO . For normal play keep this setting to NO as setting to YES may cause performance problems. Setting to YES should only be used for capturing videos or photos of your screen while in VR.”

I was under the impression that monitor outputs were always just taken from one or the other eye. Is it different for Aerofly where it renders the two eyes AND renders the 2D settings as set in the menu for 2D flying? I had that setting on when I tried Vulkan and some other settings…so maybe I need to turn that off…


For a desktop mirror (either left eye or splitscreen both of them) if it is showing what the HMD gets there is usually no performance impact (it’s just blitting the finished render to the desktop, the hard work has already been done). If FS2 is warning about an option with a performance impact then they’ll probably re-rendering for a 2D view, and that would take framerate away, so best off unless you really want to take screenshots using it.


I think that is correct because I’m looking at the 2D screens I took while in VR and they are 3440 x 1440 pixels at very good quality…so that must be what is happening.


An interesting side-effect of the very high FPS is that high roll rate and aerobatic maneuvers are actually quite smooth and fluid. But that also means that you can DO aerobatic maneuvers (not sure about the flight model for those edge of the envelope things…Mr @smokinhole might have a much more accurate opinion on that) and I found myself getting that sweaty VR sick feeling :nauseated_face: so take it easy on your VR guests and let them fly something more docile initially.


Its strange. I hear so many complaints about VR sickness, and have had friends get nearly insta-sick from trying the headset, but I seem to be a mutant, as I love throwing the plane into wild gyrations while grinning maniacally. It actually feels great, to me…?


I find it odd to say it…but I think Aerofly FS2 might be the most realistic sim I’ve flown with regards to visuals and just great feedback and controller setup. The VR hands with their finger movements and grab and twists work quite well (when my desk isn’t in the way). I’d like a little bit higher rate of movement of the heading, course, and altitude bugs per twist, but it’s better than some of the maddening X-Plane and P3D developer rates.

The Learjet that comes with it is a near dead ringer for the Citation Ultra avionics that I fly with. Same COM/NAV RMU, and pretty much the same Honeywell displays (the Lear has a bit more options). Flight director display is the same, but the controller itself is a bit different. Overall though, it is very much like flying a Citation.

Hopped out of ORBX Monterey, dialed up the ILS 10R and flew the whole approach using the virtual hands on the autopilot panel. It was awesome. Very smooth. I tried to capture some images through my Odyssey + (I love this headset). I had to wedge my camera in there a bit…and there are prescription lenses in there, so that might blur the images a bit too…but there are some you’d be hard pressed to tell from a real airplane.

This picture blows my mind. Unedited, and actually not as crisp and sharp as it looks in the O+. Heading down the ILS on the autopilot. I see a DH setting knob but I can’t seem to get it to display the DH setting…

It feels like a real sim…I just need some ozone spray and I’ll feel like I’m at SimuFlite…

I haven’t really wrung out the Airbus yet. I have some other projects I have to get done first. I’ll be coming back to review this though…I’m really enjoying it.


As soon as they get ATC and some traffic then I’m in. I’m starting to impose arbitrary rules for new civ sims, although I reserve the right to completely ignore them next sale. :slight_smile:

In digging around, I did notice they have some very nice per-aircraft docs that do a good job of describing what systems are implemented:

For example the Dash 400 looks very nice:


I’m going to need a bigger another hard drive.


Awesome…that is all great information in that Wiki. I also found this cold and dark scenario for the Q400 that I’m keen to try out…


Seems like another user-created plane is in the works. That will make 4 in total so far, either released or being worked on.


I can be at work now…well, except it is a faster airplane…!


How’s the performance on the laptop? Aero FS2 was always great like that.


Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I managed to get it loaded on there (the laptop), but didn’t bring my O+ with me on the road today. Too bad too because I had like six hours on the ground waiting for an organ procurement team…I could have flown from NY to LAX in that time!


Nice Atlas Air repaint…I like cargo planes, the boxes don’t complain as much…