Air Hauler 2

Having kicked AH2 around a couple of days, I really think that the developer is on to something here. Like so many things, my initial reaction to the features list was short sighted. Why would a pilot give a rat’s arse what’s happening in the ivory tower or on Wall Street? But, when you think of it more as a business simulator, of which your focus is managing the more interesting parts while keeping your flying job, you become easily engaged. At least I did.

A few years ago I was mulling over the viability a small commuter airline in the SE that operated between SEC and ACC college towns. Aircraft and gate staff could be attired in school colors, etc. You get my drift. I can see the UGA pax not wanting to get on a Gator aircraft, but I digress. Now I can sort of see how that plays out.

And this morning, my wife walked in my office, catching me with mug in hand checking to see if my lone employee/pilot relocated the Skylane overnight. Could have been worse. She’s an MBA type at Coke and looking over my shoulder, suddenly gained a whole new interest in my “gaming” hobby. Instant validation.


Alright Ivan Boesky…we’ve got our eye on you!


It should probably also be said that while you could label AH2 as a biz simulator, you can fly it all and do very little business management. Or, have your minions do all of the flying while you rest your dogs on your virtual boss’ desk. It’s your journey.

I’ll be the first to admit that while I love flying, even when there is a magnificent view there are certainly times when I feel like I’m just proverbally boring holes in the sky. Those will most likely be when AH2 keeps me engaged with the other aspects of running an air freight/charter/airline operation.

Now what’s with this Radar feature? Intrigued.

I think the radar feature…is that the one that shows all the other online Air Hauler 2 people playing in real time? Also - I haven’t poked around in the AH2 forum yet - is there a date set for when it comes out of Early Access, because you might not want to invest too much time if they are going to reset all the stats on release day…

Just one question. With respect to aircraft like those from A2A whose engines and systems degrade over time (requiring maintenance), does AH2 recognise the costs of required maintenance?

I’m not sure - I’ll see if I can find out. That would be a neat feature.

I wonder how many packages an F-111 can carry?

No idea

As long as they don’t simulate the cost of the wing pivot box failure

From everything that I’ve read, Accu-Sim does not interface with AH2. However, I think that if you take care of the aircraft for Accu-Sim, you will be in good shape for AH2. I haven’t reached an A, B, or C check yet, but assume that maintenance will be tracked separately. Accu-Sim is simply amazing technology IMO.

Found this photo of an Aardvark haters club meeting.

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