Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Just adding again my thoughts on RTX, its too little too early, too expensive too early too … unless you desperately want to see some limited RTX effects in a few supported games at low FPS because of this.

Or so I’ve read in my research … remember what happened to PHYSX though and we had dedicated cards just for that, it never took off, bit of a chicken and egg situation there … the old 3DFX stuff too, perhaps?

If nobody buys into RTX Games and nobody buys RTX enabled cards, it will die … and it wont be the first time something like this has happened. So fair play to those of you that have supported RTX if it has a future.

Reading there is a strong possibility Nvidia may release non Raytracing cards on the 11** series but may gimp them too, as in slightly disable the performance and or reduce available VRAM on them slightly to not take away from their flagship RTX cards … all rumours but strong ones from sources I trust … and they will still be way to uber expensive :slight_smile:

Then of course we have AMD fighting the corner again with a strong new graphic card at last for us performance freaks, its supposed to be on par with a RTX 2080, but slightly slower than a Ti version?

We’ll know soon, but these new AMD graphic cards will likely be expensive too and very limited production to start with, priced just below Nvidias similar performing cards I guess and that wont be cheap :slight_smile:

If you are on say … Nvidia 10** series cards, preferably a 1080 Ti or Titan X Pascal as I have, then I really would hold out for a long while yet … I don’t have performance issues, even in VR … I really used to upgrade every year, but getting old and jaded now and tired of seeing a 5% performance increase or less each year … Its going to be worthwhile waiting for real performance increases from now on, GPU and CPU especially.

If you are on much older hardware and in need of an upgrade, stay one step behind too if you can :slight_smile:


I think that could be argued as Nvidia bought PhysX and integrated the hardware acceleration into some of it’s products. The SDK was eventually published on GitHub. There are still some games that have support but as of last year, that has dropped off.

Your point still stands, however. RTX may not catch on but I think that we are just on the leading edge of that technology and it will not be ripe for a few years. They had to start somewhere … they just ended up doing it the expensive way :slight_smile:


Interesting times Fridge … I do not intend to upgrade my FS Games PC this year much, really am lucky enough to be good to go for a while yet, VR and 4K … to my satisfaction at least )

Really hate these tiny incremental upgrades we have been getting from Intel and Nvidia … for a long time now.

I would like higher VR resolution and performance, of course … but thats going to take time, even with the current … the 4K/8K headset I read about recently? … not practical yet.

Right here and right now, we are living in good times, we should appreciate it and stop throwing money at Intel and Nvidia for yearly upgrades we dont need … the prices would soon come down :slight_smile:


At the end of the day … I’m just glad most of the Flight sims I use just now have a VR option or 4K screen support … small steps my friends, small steps.

I will take a look at new GPU and CPU tech next year at the earliest, and perhaps new VR tech too.

For now its time to fly and enjoy with what we have and see what happens later … or we’ll be forever postponing things waiting for the ideal time to join the party.


That’s the thing with tech. There really isn’t a good time to buy because there is always something better coming around the corner. At some point you just have to jump in and buy what is currently available that is within your budget.


MS DXR is definitely a thing, right now RTX is the only card that can do it, but that won’t be forever. AMD will do it when the tech gets along far enough.

The RTX 2060 is a joke, it can’t do BFV at playable frame rates at 1080p with RTX on. It’s a bit faster than a GTX 1070 in standard games, but RT is out. Therefore, there will be no RTX 2050.

Instead, nvidia will need something else to replace the GTX 1060, 1050, and on down the line. The 1160 is the mooted name for something that will come along, possibly another Pascal variant? Maybe it will be something like a 1070-level chip with 6GB of GDDR5X RAM, making it better than a 1060 but not as good as a 1070 w/8GB. They could probably do that for around $250. No point getting it if you have a 1070 or something, though. With the overpricing on the remaining 1070/1080//Ti cards there’s no point getting them now either.

Anyway, don’t buy an RTX card for the RT because there’s little to no point. Buy it for how it does in regular games, which is to say better but not at the same price points.


My take on what I have seen on this.

Games have up to now used Rasterization for rendering, however this apparently hit a dead end a few years back so unlikely to be much more progression in getting towards realistic graphics.

So the next step up is to use Ray Tracing for rendering with just the slight problem that home computers wont be powerful enough to do full RT for many years.

So that is why the Ray Tracing today is literally just on a few things like shadows in puddles and is mostly a hybrid rendering gimmick.

It is likely (they say ) that AMD may have to follow suit regardless because at some point RT will be the only future for lifelike rendering. Not to rule out Rasterization if someone comes up with X technique like so often happens of course but that is the current state of things.


RTX 2070, BF5, ray tracing set to Ultra, gives 60+ fps @1080p.

RTX is now.


My take on the RTX cards.

The 10xx series cards were, and are held in high regard for performance. RTX cards are faster. Thus, they also must be good. That they come with with cool new tech is bonus.

Big thumbs down for the price gouging, especially on the tail of the inflated prices of last year. So many people were priced out of good cards while miners were snapping them up. The currency starts to crash and gamers start to breathe a sigh of relief. Then Nvidia sets the RTX pricing. Insult to injury that made lots of folks mad.

The cards themselves are fantastic though.


I was in the market for a new card last summer as my GTX660TI was dying. I was hoping to buy a 1080TI, but that was right when the miners hit.

Not only could I not find a 1080TI in stock anywhere - they were over $1500CAD (and we have a $13% sales tax to add to that).

I needed something - so I bought a 1070TI which cost me $750 with tax.

The RTX cards are still too expensive for me to justify an upgrade into an -80TI in terms of cost to returns ratio, and this year instead I upgraded the rest of my hardware including going from an I7-2600 to an I9-9900K.


60Hz @ 1080p for $500 in 2019 doesn’t sound like a great deal to me. It’s just ok.

In short, we’re paying Lexus prices to get a Toyota. I like Toyotas. I’ve owned half a dozen at least. They never break down (aside from a recalled AC relay once), they’re cheap to maintain…but if I’d had to pay $70,000 for one I’d have been far less pleased than paying $30k.


I have a friend with the new card and he is getting oculus errors saying his gpu drivers are out of date but he has latest installed. Any ideas. The card is the rx2080


You are paying Lexus prices for the safety features, driving aids and maybe an auto driving car where Toyota only has the base model? That’s not an accurate parallel.

Plus. If someone wants to buy it an RTX … that’s their choice and we should respect that.


So far very happy with my 2080Ti . Because I bought it as part of my new PC, I don’t really think of the cost of any particular component. The PC cost what it cost, and evidently I was ok with that at the time of purchase.


Not exactly sure how you got from “unhappy with the direction these companies have taken in raising their prices for the same thing” to “disrespecting someone’s choice”, but I think you’re filling in info that is not missing. :confused: Unless you mean the CEO’s choice to up the price, then yes.

Also, you forget to qualify that the Lexus price includes a safety feature that only works in one city (RT in BF V) and a driving aid that only works between 1 and 2pm (DLSS) and the auto driving car is “coming” but after 5 months still isn’t ready.

If Metro Exodus releases this week and if the RT feature is in it at release, then we will have the 2nd game with RT ready 5 months after the card came out. We also don’t know what kind of performance hit it will make for the (noticeable?) improvement of the visuals or if everyone will leave it off like when DX10 came out.

The logo says Lexus, and we’ve been promised all these advances, but right now it can’t do anything that the Toyota can’t do. It does the same things 30% better for 30% more. And they stopped selling the Toyotas (10x0 series) so your only choices are a Lexus or some AMD Hondas…which are apparently going to rise their prices to match (Radeon VII) even without any of the Lexus features. :grimacing:

Not only the customers, but the investors have noticed. Behold:


Extremely happy with my RTX 2070.


What? That makes no sense.


I agree. Production on 1060s and above has halted, once the ones in the channel are gone they’re gone, unless you buy used.



I am arguing that your analogy is flawed … at best the 20XX line is faster than the 10XX line, ignoring the extra features. Yes there is a premium on that performance increase and it is, maybe, a little out of sync with what the market is/was willing to accept (note: I have not bought a 20XX card because I am part of the market that is not nibbling on that bait).

No where do I say that Nvidia made a smart move. But some customers have bought the cards and are happy with them. You might not agree … and that’s your opinion … but that doesn’t make anyone who bought and are enjoying the new cards, wrong.

We are a few months past the release of new tech. I am not surprised there are not a lot of games (ie: almost, pretty close, might as well call it none). There were not a lot of Blu-ray discs available at it’s launch either (certainly more than the games available with the RTX launch) but that is the cost of being an early adopter.

You’ve voiced your opinion that this gen of Nvidia cards are not worth your money. Great. Move along then.

Go ahead. Double down on that bad analogy.


Well that sucks, because normally I buy a generation or two behind. Partly as well because I don’t like the 20x0 series’ thirst for power.