Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Yep Troll, lost optical drives a few years back because they took up precious SATA slots … three sort of high end PC’s here and not one has a dedicated SATA optical drive … cant remember when I last installed a sim from an optical drive … however, I have a USB portable slim optical DVD drive here and share that with the 3 PC’s when needed and to be honest, 99% of the time that has been because I need to prove my proof of purchase for Just Flight Air Haulier disk version for its mk II version.

Internal optical drives can be lost easily these days from a build unless you really have a need for one regularly … USB ones are fast enough for casual stuff and are as cheap as chips.


I also have a portable optical drive.
I used it once or twice during the last four years, to create Linux installation DVDs. :smiley:


I still have a couple games–Oblivion, STALKER COP–that look for the disc.


2080 cards are now hitting or around MSRP


I’m waiting for 2070s to hit a price that is reflective of what they are actually worth.
They seem more or less useless for RT games at this point (which was suspected before they even came out) but don’t offer a big enough bump over the 1070 for the price.

I spent $320 to get my 1070 in early 2017 and I’m looking for a card under $400 when I replace it.


I don’t think you’ll have to wait long, I saw a 2070 priced at $480 today.


I’m hoping!


Same here. I am getting back into DCSW more and more, I will need a new PC.


What does anyone think about the 2060? It is apparently faster than the 1070/1070Ti and recommended as an upgrade path for those with the 1070. It is also relatively cheap (compared to the 2070/2080 options). I can’t find any deals on 1080/1080Ti’s around here and I am considering if the 2060 might be a stopgap until the next gen of cards. (AMD’s new 2080 competitor has not impressed me with it’s high price)


Might be an option.
I mean: it is noticeably slower than the 2070 or 2080 it seems, but it is a lot cheaper.
I am a bit sad that it only has 6GB VRAM since DCSW and some other games like to guzzle that up quickly.
Especially if you are not planning to play in VR the card will probably be just fine in almost every game.

But then: a friend of mine is playing DCSW in VR on a 1060, so… yeah why not? It just looks a bit less good.


Yeah. I was tempted to get a 2070 or 2080 but the cost versus performance increase didn’t make sense. Sure, there are new features but for the games I play I am likely not going to see Raytracing or DLSS anytime soon. The card announced my AMD recently (Radeon VII) provides the performance to ‘match’ the 2080 … but an an RTX 2080 price (Radeon VII at $699 US MSRP versus $714 US for a MSI GeForce RTX 2080). I don’t want to put out $1000 CDN for a video card that doesn’t blow me away with performance ‘protect’ me for at least year of future products and be able to handle next-gen VR.

I also can’t find any 1080 Ti’s at sub 2080 prices either … which is frustrating. The 2070, being $300 cheaper is tempting but the performance still feels like a stop gap until the next gen.

Which is what leads me to the 2060: because if marginal performance increase is what we are talking about and I am starting to feel that my 1070 is becoming marginal in DCS, does the 2060 offer a push back into the comfortable area of DCS (for me, keeping visual distances at where I would like and where I am finding the 1070 is stressing a little at 1440p widescreen resolutions (3440 x 1440). $500 versus $700 is pretty significant and if the 2060 can push me to 1070 Ti levels, maybe I am ‘safe’ for a year?

Maybe I am just stretching to get something as an upgrade when I really don’t need anything for the time being :slight_smile:

BTW: Eurogamer has great, fancy graphs that allow you to select what you want to compare against:

EDIT: Oh and my monitor (LG34UC88) can do the G-Sync thing under the new Nvidia drivers for my 1070 … but it’s not great and I lose an unacceptable number of FPS to get away from the tearing … which is what frustrated me with the 1070 I guess. Stupid features I never had before making me see the limitation in my current hardware. What kind of world is this? (first world problems)



I love my ultrawide. Definitely a nice splurge purchase.


Yeah, if the 2060 had 8GB I’d say it was a decent update from my 1070…but it has 6. To pay basically the same amount I paid for this 1070 2 years ago to get some more speed but some LESS RAM seems a lateral move.

On the other hand, the 2070 is a big price jump even though it will definitely improve the performance over what the 1070 has. I’m not really interested in the RT stuff, I don’t think anything short of a 2080Ti can manage good fps, even at 1080p.

At this point, I think RT is like DX10 when it came out. The cards that could turn it on AND offer good performance were outrageously priced, while the affordable cards that supported it had awful performance.
It was the 2nd or even 3rd gen cards that really got the performance going, and by then really DX11 had come out and surpassed what DX10 could do.

Even today, few games that support DX12 play faster with it. DX11 replaced DX9.0c as the main version and it’s barely changing even with how long DX12 has been out now.

So while I may get a card that supports RT, I don’t plan on being able to use it until at LEAST the 21xx series if not 22xx.

The DLSS, though, that looks like it could be good, but as it’s done on a per-title basis only don’t expect niche titles to really have it, it will be the bigger ones only I think. More than have RT, but I’m not holding my breath for Il-2 or DCS to have it.


I thought a bit about it, and as my current cards are a 770 and a 970M (which is about as fast as the 770) the 2060 is really tempting, even though I might replace it in two years instead of the usual four…


Wow, yeah, you would see a benefit even going to a 1060/70 card.


So apparently a swing and a miss for nvidia.

I guess jacking up the prices for a card that can’t yet do what you claim it can do was a gamble that didn’t pay off. Missing estimates by half a billion dollars is no small mistake, that’s almost a 20% drop.

I’m glad I haven’t looked to replace my 1070 yet, maybe the 20xx series prices will come down to something more reasonable now.


I wonder how much of that was also due to the peaking and probable decline of crypto-currency.


I think that was mostly over by Q2. By Q4, that drop had already been figured into their projections for the “new normal.” They hoped for a while it would run longer than the year plus that run boosted prices, but it was clear by summer it was over.

Instead, it seems the 2 areas they specifically fell short were in datacenters and discrete gaming GPUs. While I’ve not read enough about the former to understand where that may come from, we’re all intimately familiar with the latter.


Probably getting similar to iPhone sales. I’m still sitting on a 6+ and haven’t seen any compelling reason to go “newer”. Similarly, my 1080 is still working pretty good. Sure, I’d love something newer, but I’m not in a huge hurry.


I agree that they probably just gambled.
They knew that AMD failed hard and they basically got a monopoly on gaming graphics cards.
But they just hit a price/capabilities ratio that wasn’t compelling enough for people to actually jump on the new cards.
Let’s see what this news does for prices. I still intend to get a 20xx card, but I can wait a month or two.