Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Just looking at the prices of this… It’s insane, I’ll go with AMD for my next computer I suppose. And who knows, DLSS and RT might be a fad and not turn out to be of much use in the upcoming few years, if only 1 card supports it then Nvidia is going to have to pay developers to put it in.


I wholeheartedly disagree. Ray Tracing is to lighting a bit like what Navier-Stokes is to fluid dynamics. Once you can solve it in real time, the quality of your models will make a big jump forward. There’s no if, there’s only when.

Whether that involves nVidia’s current implementation or if a competitor comes up with something better that will become the industry standard leaves a big question mark, but RT as future technology is a given.


Alright fair enough, I am extremely familiar with ray tracing technology, and yes one day it will be done in real time.

But right now? For this price? with current tech? There’s barely any advantage over current rendering technique’s in games if any at all.


Right now it’s a marketing crutch. But at least the technology is creeping its way into real time application. You’re absolutely right in that it will be a few years until it is fully worked out.


Right, and even then it needs to be integrated into the pipe line and offer sufficient advantages and be widespread enough for it to change the process in which engines and models are build. So I highly highly doubt that will happen anytime soon.


From what I hear it’s a game changer in Metro: Exodus due out next year. It will seriously bring down performance, but it will look amazing.

It won’t work for every game, of course, with the current level of power. I wonder how it would look in a racing sim.


I read a review article about the 2070 today and it sounds pretty nice.
Of course not quite up there with the 2080 or 2080ti, and it seems a well configured 1080ti also beats it in raw speed, but it is a bit faster than the 1080 it seems, and at roughly the same price (a few bucks more, but quite a bit cheaper than a 1080ti or a 2080 it seems)

Unfortunately I just cannot spare the money for anything that has “ti” behind its number, or at least not if I want to also get a VR device, which I do want to.
But based on that review I think I really might get a 2070 in my next PC.

Judging by the fact that some people (including a few of y’all here) use the 1080 for VR I guess it will be fast enough, at least if I turn down the graphics in games a fair bit.


Fun fact: the ti acronym comes from the ancient greek trashiest incomest which in modern day translation means ‘discretionary income to burn’… :wink:

A 2070 should be good with VR, at least enough to push the the bottleneck towards the CPU on most of the sims we play today.


Yeah, it’s pretty obvious and no performance monitor needed when you try a bunch of different graphic settings, including the shaders mod, without much change in fps that my GPU is not the bottleneck.


My view is a new 20series card will only perform well with a super fast CPU. My old i5 did not have the grunt to power my 1080gtx and I only got the benefit when I upgraded to a 8600 @5 GHz. We may need a Super computer to get the best out of the new cards


Even then, the 20xx series seems slightly incremental and not really all there just yet. I wonder if the RT tech will take off to make it worth it in the long run.


All the reviews I have looked at all seem to suggest the same. This series will be a miss for me and I will most likely pick up a 1080ti when I can get my hands on one.


Yeah I think if I had any card of the 10xx series I’d give them a pass, too.
But my old PC has a 770 and my notebook that I play on right now has a 970m so I guess it is safe to say that any 20xx will be a good choice for my next PC. Probably not going to wait another year.


Ahh true.


Lots of reports of the Nvidia RTX line having serious problems coming in.

Time will tell, wont be the first time Nvidia have messed up though, check it out, these guys are as uber Graphic card geeks as they come, there is something seriously wrong with current RTX Nvidia cards, 2080Ti especially.


I’m hoping that it was a particular bad run of NVRAM that affected a group of owners. Very hard to make a judgement based on that sample, but at least Nvidia is making good on RMAs.

The hardest that I’ve pushed mine is 3 hours of DCS in VR, but no problems. The card does get hot to touch, but the fans don’t reach their max RPM like they would with the 1080 in VR.


Seen any 2080 TI with liquid cooling, yet?


I have flashback to the 8800/9800GT’s!


Chipwich mate, if you read the full thread I’ve posted its quite obvious there is something seriously wrong in Nvidia’s current RTX releases, the very first post in that thread points to multiple instances of the RTX cards problems … its probably nothing to with RTX and thats the irony of it, it does seem to be down to the cards memory from what I can gather and is quite indiscriminate, it effects some 2080 Ti, some 2080 and even some 2070 cards.

I myself have always been a PC performance hardware freak and enjoyed upgrading each year because of the good job I have and being able to afford to do so etc etc etc :slight_smile:

But sometimes in life you need to step back, take stock and ask why am I doing this? my 8700K delidded @ 5Ghz to a 9900K @5Ghz for 2 more cores, am going to see zero performance gain in the Sims I use … fair play if you are upgrading from much older gen, but not for me, not this time.

But back to Nvidia RTX and the obvious artifacting problems many of these cards have, its way beyond what you normally see on a new release … I’m not being sensationalist and I will never do brand loyalty, every graphic card I’ve owned in the past 10 years probably came from Nvidia, have tried AMD cards too of course and there has always been a dud release from both factory’s every once in a while.

Brushing all that aside though, if you already own a 1080 Ti or a Titan X Pascal as I do, you would be absolutely crazy to buy into Nvidia’s RTX range just now, this is 1st node Nvidia’s foray into RTX that may or may not take off and if it ever does with decent titles that will become available in years to come, we will have same amount of years generation of newer more powerful Nvidia cards to choose from, too … hopefully without the currents series of bad memory problems.

IMHO, this is one of the worst releases Nvidia have ever done.


I didn’t. I was a 1080 owner, which I bequeathed to my brother so that we can fly Hornets together. I’m not saying that there aren’t problems with the RTX series. My point is that mine so far has been fine and I have full confidence that Nvidia will replace it should the card have an issue, just like they did with my tablet almost 2 years into ownership. I purchased direct, so I have their number.