Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Awesome, but I’m not touching this series with a bargepole and owning a Titan X Pascal too.

I hope your card never develops any problems and wish you hours of fun with it, but there are other issues, with these cards. Nvidea have taken to monetary greed on a much higher level than before, if they keep this pattern up we’ll be paying $3000 for a new card before we know it, the price jump from 10xx series to 20xx series and having RTX cards that offer no real benefit for most of us is just getting silly greedy.

The time is right for me to boycott Nvidia for a year or so, would see no benefit with an RTX card apart from worrying it might break soon and also angry letters from my bank manager :slight_smile:

Enjoy your card my friend, it will probably be fine, but there are major issues for some.

My advice for what its worth and if you own a 1080 Ti or Titan X, hang fire for a year or so.


Some here Troll, but I honestly wouldn’t touch them just now until the current failure rate is cleared up, its not about cooling IMHO but about physical memory problems or bad batches of it and I aint paying that kind of money for a graphic card lottery in hope I get a good one.


But still just ”built to order” by a third company.
No liquid cooled cards from the big companies.

I’ll wait until ASUS comes up with a liquid cooled offering.
I have faith in Nvidia and that they will fix this.


Fair play Troll, but its not about cooling, its about bad memory IMHO, I aint touching this generation of Nvidia and will wait to see what they do for next gen, water cooled cards arfe still having the problems, BUT its not so much about the bad quality of recent high end card releases, as much as the stupid crazy high prices they charge that have went clean through the roof … some of us need to take a step back and say, enough is enough, Nvidia, well fed up of each years tiny marginal performance gains and massive price increase gains … you can afford it Troll my friend … I can too if I really want, but lots here cant and there comes a time when best advice is to say, whoa … hold fire a bit guys.

If we are paying $1500 for a high end Nvidia card this year, we have to ask, what did we pay last year and what are we prepared to pay next year if Nvidia keep getting away with this?

If you have a decent 1080 Ti, 1070 even, or a Titan X like I do, this is a good gap year time to wait it out to see whats happening, what Nvidia bring out next year with the inevitable 3000 series and if RTX is really going to be in our future or not … I see NO future in RTX in flight sim though.


I know. I never said it was :slight_smile:
But liquid cooled 2080 TI’s are what I’m waiting for.

I have stopped trying to make predictions… I once said the F/A-18 Interceptor, on the Commodore Amiga, was as good as flightsims ever would be… :wink:


Haha and then Falcon 3.0 came… Still the best today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ray tracing has been the goal for decades now, but it’s always been out of reach.

Even these cards are compromised, the ray tracing they will do is a hybrid with rasterized, not a full scene RT.

The fact that it will soon be available in hybrid form for some games (but still not yet) leads me to think that maybe in 2030 we’ll have some form of it in flight sims.

However, I think it safe to say that the 20x0 series will likely not have the strength to run them. Maybe the next generation, MAYBE, but more likely it will be later.


FYI, I’ve pushed the Nvidia FE 2080 ti pretty hard and it has been perfect. My Falcon NW Fragbox isn’t exactly the world’s coolest case, and my GPU temps have been ranging on the low side 35C using Office365 while watching YouTude TV, to high of 84C during 3 hours of DCS in VR. I’ve not had any issues whatsoever. No lockups or artifacts. Maybe because mine was not in the initial release, but followed 3 weeks later. Who knows. Running like a champ so far.


Meh, I don’t believe you.
Send it over here so I can try it! :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want that card now as well. But. There’s always a bigger fish… :slight_smile:


This is going to on sale for $1500 on Black Friday…I dunno though. I still might wait on the i9. I don’t have a pressing need for the 2080 so much as a want… And it isn’t a K and I think I’d rather have 32 GB of memory…and…and…and…


Just give up, I remember you doing this dance when it came to the 1080Ti, you know it’s going to happen. You might get a headstart now if you start doing more chores at home :wink:


Haha…yeah…but this time I don’t have any real pressing need. I’m pretty happy with what I’m running right now. It is an original 1080 I have though…not the Ti…so I could get a nice bump by going to the 2080. I would like for the parts to match though and not be hobbled by bad RAM or a processor that isn’t up to the job. I’ll wait a bit…see what shakes out…


It started out so well…

But in the next sentence he convinced himself…


Don’t worry, @BeachAV8R. We all have the disease… :wink:


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It’s not a problem, said the man with a problem. :slight_smile:


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Yeah, so…looks like it was just as we feared, RTX cards are slightly better at traditional games than their GTX predecessors but really not worth it for DXR.

A 66% reduction in frame rates in ultra vs turned off, over 50% reduction in DXR low.

RTX 2070 owners need not even think about it.