Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Don’t worry us game playing customers will pick up the tab by paying a premium on the new cards.
Fair play to start moving away from the old rasterization but there doesn’t seem to be much value for the user. Also looks like the Ray Tracing is just on shadows for now because we are somewhat about 50 years away from a home computer that can do actual Ray Tracing.

And which complete tit decided that 8G VRAM on the 2070 and 2080 was enough in 2018 !!


I must be getting old, because, i didn’t see squat.

50% fps loss for an imperceptible difference. :thinking:


BLASPHEMER! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the pros of RTX looks really weak in BF5, especially given the framerate hit. Puddles ain’t worth that. :slight_smile:


One interesting aspect of the new cards is the DLSS anti-aliasing tech rather than the ray tracing. BF5 doesn’t seem to have been designed for multiple light sources so much, as in Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to demo much more impressively.

Because of the high texture sizes being thrown around in VR, and the nature of the resolutions used in that, I wonder if DLSS might make the new Nvidia tech worth it?

A smarter way to anti-alias on-card without a brute force MSAA like method would really push things forward for VR displays. Mind you, not a good sign that we aren’t seeing demos taking advantage of this yet. Perhaps it’ll take some time to pick up, or it might be one of those ‘Nvidia only’ features that dies a death.


I honestly think ray tracing will be the future, maybe even in the next generation or the one thereafter, so in two to four years it will be big.

Not yet though.


Excellent…so with a 2070 I can get all the glory of a better rendered puddle in glorious 800 x 600 @ 30fps


I see no difference either. Given all recent news and releases, it feels like NVIDIA got caught ought by the cryptocrash and was overproducing old cards. They realized they needed something new fast and threw together a card with some relatively new research tech(RTX).

Because, why not focus on getting a good dozen games that can support it all by the end of the year and get some of that sweet sweet holiday season money? I simply don’t think the GPU’s were ready early enough to get a lot of developers on board.


The reports of the 2080 Ti’s failing are increasing. Seems like a large batch of bad RAM got through.

The 2070s and 2080s are unaffected.


Well there is one thing. I have been watching GTX 1080ti’s and RTX 2080’s like a hawk for a while.

Its very clear that 1080 Stocks are coming to an end and prices of RTX 2080’s with after market cooling from makers like zotac gigabyte etc. are now matching 1080ti prices.

This provides a some serious quandary in the market in the next few months.

  1. There is a bucket load of used 1080ti’s entering the market.
  2. New 1080ti’s are now the same price or more expensive than 2080 (non ti) cards. The 1080ti and 2080 are pretty much same-o in gaming performance even though the 2080 has less ram and 256 bus compared to the 1080ti’s 356

So something has got to give. As 2080’s are now flooding the market and the prices are coming down, you could argue two points.

  1. stockpiles of 1080ti’s are almost gone (as per reports from sources like Gamers Nexus). So as the 1080ti is a beast of a card and superior in some ways to the 2080, the prices will remain high

  2. The flood of 1080ti’s hitting the used market will plumet the price of the 1080Ti.

So its now an interesting time. I can still perhaps see a small reduction in price of the 2080 still to come, if no valid competition arrives from team AMD. To me, even though I was determined to buy a 1080ti in the next week or so and no want for current RTX series, the sudden drop in prices are changing my opinion somewhat.

I am going to see how the waters settle and continue to watch the trends. I am positive we will see a small discount further in 2080 and my personal hope is that 1080ti’s will have to drop drastically to counter.


Right now I am aiming for January-February, maybe even a bit later.
Unless there is a crypto mining surge like last year prices will most likely go down a bit.
Maybe there will even be new cards from various manufacturers that use optimized chips or architecture. The one currently sold are very likely the first batch and the card manufacturers didn’t have too much time to build good cards with them.


I see your points but I doubt either price will drop at all for the next 6 months. I see used 1080Ti’s selling for almost new a lot too(depends on local market). Besides Nvidia can control the stocks themself, although I think they fear that it will undersell due to the weird embargo’s that all the reviewers got and a lack of benchmarks for a lot of stuff. Something is fishy with the 2080.

I’ve decided to wait another year before i start upgrading my computer, probably going full AMD then too unless Nvidia/Intel can show something dramatic.


I fear that by then, AMD GPUs still won’t be anywhere near nVidia regarding performance per Watt. CPU wise, AMD is really getting a move on, though.


If any european Mudspiker wants to sell me his/her 1080ti I’m willing to pay a decent price.


True, but the bang for the buck is so much higher compared to Intel/Nvidia combo.


@TheAlmightySnark Well I have seen a drop very recently in the last 2 weeks on the prices for 2080 (non founder cards). The 1080ti I was looking at, not the mini, actually went up almost 100 pounds, which I thought was strange. But the reseller I think is matching other resellers.

Prices I am seeing at the moment.
1080Ti’s are going for about 750-850 pounds (unless you go mini which is around 600 - that price went up too)
2080’s were hovering around 850ish+ and have dropped in some resellers close to 700 in the last week. Manufacturers are also stocking more brands E.g. Asus EVGA ZOTAC etc. Which means the nvidia partners are now starting to flood the market with their prices and that means competition.
Used 1080Ti’s are easily selling for around 400ish. But I am very wary of those. Some of the descriptions ring alarm bells. Such as, “Brand new never used, packaging opened just so photos could be published”… Yeah right… However there are a gazillion new postings on places like ebay for this card.

But I am hopeful it will keep moving, slowly for the case of 2080. In the case of the 1080ti, I am very interested how this will play out. Now that 2080’s are cheaper in some stores over 1080ti’s surely something has to give. So this is what I am watching.


How bizarre, oh well, if it’s cheaper go for it!


The dedicated hardware forums I watch are showing that 2080 Ti’s have the most failures, less so on 2080’s and 2070’s, but still some failures there too … Nvidia seem to have switched from Micron to Samsung ram on the latest batch of cards, but some guys are reporting similar card failures on the newer batches of Samsung ram cards as well.

What we are seeing is way beyond normal new release card failures, this one is catching headlines all over the world now.

I really think this series is a bridge too far from Nvidia in its end of node versions, next year should see something more performance and hopefully reliability enticing as well as running much cooler … as for RTX … really had my doubts about it, it was to good to be true, what I have seen apart from optimised demos you cant play is very underwhelming so far.

Nvidia have dealt in muddy waters before, does anyone remember the GTX 970 ram that was not all it should have been, Nvidia had to pay out quite a bit of compensation on that stunt.

2018 has not been a good year to upgrade IMHO if you were near the top from year before … running a de-lidded 8700K @ 5 GHz here, a new 9900K might hit 5 Ghz too, but for what … 2 extra cores? I’m not going to see the benefit in what I do for PC Flight sim and Gaming, same with my Titan X Pascal 12 GB, its still a brilliant card and so is anyone with a GTX 1080 Ti, what I have done is upgrade my older 16 GB of DDR4 3600 to 32 GB of DDR4 3600 of same make and flavour to allow me to keep my carefully tuned 5 GHz overclock and because of no CPU/GPU upgrade this year invested in some long needed new rudder pedals (MFG Crosswinds v2) and Virpil Mongoose T50 grip base and extension, some newer SSD’s as well.

Hopefully 2019 will see something higher performing from Nvidia especially and Intel too, their competition is catching up fast, especially with the CPU’s.


Yet mine works flawlessly. Must have gotten a lemon LOL.


I’m glad you have a good one Chip :slight_smile: You’ve owned it …what, a good couple of months now? if you have been using it regularly … the chances are you will be fine, from what I’ve seen if the card is a bad one its going to fail quite soon from ownership … am sure you will be fine, but there is something going on with this release failure wise that has not been seen with older years releases, people are right to be concerned, its a lot more money for this release too, far to expensive for what it is … even if it does not fail IMHO, RTX is nowhere near ready yet either, hardware or software.