Anyone have thoughts on the announced Nvidia RTX 20XX line


Can’t argue with that. However, I’ve had good experiences with NVidia support, including them replacing a tablet after almost two years of use. My 2080ti gets run pretty hard in a horribly ventilated case, a Falcon NW Fragbox. In VR, the GPU temp sits right around 84C. Hot CPU (8700 @ 4.8) doesn’t help either. I really need a new case.


I’ve had my Antec Sonata case well over a decade now. Been through 3 or 4 PSUs as well as multiple internal changes, but it still works well. Every time I think about changing it…I just don’t bother.


I had one of those way back! A good case :+1:


Nvidia announces Ansel RTX in the latest release of GEForce Experience. I’m sure that the MUDSPIKE admins are ready to host some 8k HDR captures :slight_smile:

And some Battlefield V Ray Tracing deployment.


In case you think the RTX 2080 Ti is too entry-level for you, there is now the Titan RTX at double the price.