Arma 3: Antistasi

also was just checking the server … wont be around till about 18.30

I just tried as well, thinking I can get on later (just stuck in a hotel today).

Got the same message, repaired my Antistasi mod (the PBO it was complaining about), no luck.

ETA: I’ll check back after lunch, need to get out of the hotel for a bit anyway, stretch my legs.

Got a hold of TeTeT via Discord will update shortly!

All good, server updated :salute:


youre awesome bill murray GIF


I just did a solo recon of the next possible target, the AAF airfield to the east of the factory we took… well that place is well defended … I saw approx 30+ troops and light armour, i think it would need a few of us and that mortar for fire missions, so perhaps at the weekend we could try a full assault, @komemiute, @WarPig, and if you fancy having a go @Victork2


So I got Troll to gently create for us the group Professionals to make it easier for people to get together and play.

If you want to be added to the group, just let me know here or via PM.


After a sequence of intense firefights (including enemy APC, mortar teams and reinforcements) we manage to capture two more towns- even if the CSAT manage to snatch the Airport near the new HQ location despite being surrounded by two AAF encampments.

I am very very suprised.

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I just did a quick scouting mission on the airport, the AAF and the CSAT seem to be kicking the crap out of each other …(good for us) I killed one tower guard, didn’t see much other activity, except a couple of nice looking stealth fighters, decided to leave and liberated a Csat truck which is now garaged at the base :grinning:


We need to plan a full scale attack to recover the southernmost airport…


Blocking forces, supporting fires, anti-air, and maybe procure some armor.

ETA: I did some light recon of the main airfield (now partly-held by CSAT) for planning purposes. On the way to do the same for the south airfield (formerly ours, recently recaptured by AAF forces).

Approaching undercover from the southwest, we came upon a gap in the fence that allowed us a good vantage of one of the guard towers, which we found to be isolated from other CSAT troops. I subsequently snuck up to it, murdered both soldiers and stole some equipment, dismantling the heavy machinegun. The garrison responded with a half-hearted mortar barrage that accomplished nothing.

The above photos were taken from the guard tower, looking north through northeast. Obviously CSAT has the airfield heavily guarded, which at least a reinforced platoon of infantry and multiple mechanized units (2x APCs and 2x AAA SPGs on patrol were noted, several other unidentified armor units parked, apparently uncrewed at this time), as well as a pesky mortar battery that will prove an annoyance to any FIA attack.

Interestingly, the airfield is held by CSAT, but technically both outposts (on the northwest and northeast ends, respectively) are still ‘held’ by AAF, though no sign of any AAF presence was evident, aside from one empty helicopter. Our HQ intel section shows the western outpost as ‘decimated’, but the east garrison is ‘good’. Unsure what to make of that. The Factory, Seaport, and Outposts to the southeast of the airfield are solidly AAF-controlled, and during my recon an intense firefight broke out between CSAT and AAF forces, with small-arms fire and mortar support being used by both sides, resulting in moderate casualties (at least a squad of CSAT infantry KIA by mortar fire on the airfield, AAF casualties unknown), at which point we withdrew without being harassed.

Moving south to the small AAF airfield, we performed a hasty recon of it, crawling up a small hill overlooking from the northeast. There was an understrength platoon (2-3 squads of infantry) augmented by an AWC Nyx (AA) patrolling. Two helicopters and two fixed-wing aircraft based on the field, along with a small motorpool of armor including an MBT-52 Kuma. No vehicles crews were evident, so I’m cautiously optimistic that this could be captured if we attacked quickly.

I expect that any AAF counter-attack will be via air assault, unless launched by ground units from the outpost to the southwest, but this outpost is unsupported, cut off from supply lines except the airfield, and likely doesn’t have the excess strength to dispatch a counterattack.

Unfortunately during my recon we were hit from behind by a small AAF patrol. A brief firefight ensued: I managed to eliminate the patrol, but my comrade was wounded. While I was aiding him, the AAF rained down an accurate mortar barrage on our position, killing both of us.

I propose (or rather, second @komemiute’s proposal) that we plan an action that consists of an assault on the AAF airfield, taking as much intact as possible, then swinging down to take out the outpost to its southwest. That will reestablish our control over the south ‘neck’ and the entirety of the western half of the island, sending the message to the pretenders that wrath of the FIA is coming east!

That accomplished, we can discuss turning our focus on the main airbase, now in CSAT hands, or other less-risky alternatives as everyone sees fit.

I suggest we put together a briefing, and select a date/time that everyone is available to do this thing. Feel free to edit/add to/remove from what I’ve started below:

Mission: To re-capture the AAF airfield to the south of FIA’s HQ, and the small outpost west of it. Tertiary goal of capturing AAF heavy armor (MBT) intact for future use.

Situation: Described above, widely understood by everyone here.

Execution: TBD

Enemy Forces: Approximately 2-3 Squads of Infantry on the airfield, 1x Armored Vehicle (AA/HMG) on inner patrol, multiple small foot-patrols on outer perimeter. Multiple empty armored vehicles in motor pool that could potentially enter the fight.

Enemy Support: Includes organic mortar battery (position on the airfield unknown), potentially off-site artillery, and fixed/rotary-wing CAS. The AAF has previously shown no inhibition to using cluster-munition bombings to commit atrocities.

Expected Enemy QRF: Airmobile and/or parachute infantry from the east. Possible land-counterattack from outpost to the southwest, but considered unlikely.

Friendly Forces: TBD, up to a company of FIA infantry could be mobilized for the task.

Friendly Support: Multiple mobile AA units, at a minimum (I suggest we place four, surrounding the airfield about 1km out). Organic mortar support could be made available if desired. Blocking forces are already in place, due to the nature of the enemy pocket behind friendly lines. Fixed wing CAS is available at this time.

Signal: N/A

I’m available today if it works for everybody else.


I’m in. Like… I will starrt my PC and ARMA in 30 minutes. Want to try something…

IIRC I am not a bad shot with the .400 Anti Material Rifle

I’ll work the patrols and garrison.
One shot, one kill.


Damn …. And I am at work ….:cry:

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So… I conquered the Arifield close to us. Recruited 4 full infantry squads and at the end only a handful of men remained but what a battle!


Brilliant work there :smile:

Took some screenshots- will upload ASAP.
The main point was the liberal use of air support. We started the attack with 90 airstrikes available and at the end we were left with 75.
After all the looting- I mean collection of enemy weaponry we were slowly upping again at 78.

There were mixed reinforcements from both the CSAT and the AAF… luckily they fought off between themselves as well. Found a lot of intel too…

But now it’s better to start thinking about retaking the south parts. After the loss of the southern airfield we lost a Factory too and another town.

Nothing dramatic but it needs to be stopped.


Scouting prior the attack

got him good too.

Assaulting the outpost

Done after a really bloody batle. Lost half the troop in the initial assault

Bringing back to the HQ the Loot

Conquering the last outpost

and stealing the intelligence therein hidden


Situation close by

Situation in the south

Got info about an enemy supply run to try and convince another town to come to their dark side.

Loaded a backpack with 4 heavy IED and set up an ambush…
I arrive barely in time.

Set up the explosives (red circles) as our freedom fighter in other towns slow down the convoy.

I take shelter in a nearby unfinished building to set off the party

The truck I used to arrive here is the reference point for the blast radius, anything left of the truck for the next 200 meters is as good as dead.

Getting closer- a raging firefight can be clearly heard at this point

The escort APC is approaching the IEDs but I ignore it- the town defense force can take care of that.

Here’s the payload!

Gone with the wind…

Stopping for today


Anyone up for this again?


Unfortunately have a children’s birthday party (out of town) that duty compels me to attend. :laughing: Could potentially tomorrow after lunch?

Or later tonight when I get home, but that would be pretty late for European time zones. :confused:

ETA: Impressive, well done @komemiute!

Does this mean we’re officially weapons-free on CSAT, gloves off now?