Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


Resembles SEPECAT Jaguar but intakes look different


Yep, not the Super Galeb.


IAR-93 Vultur Of the Romanian Air Force.


This should be pretty easy…


de Havilland Mosquito?


Yes indeed. I was lucky enough to see this one in New Zealand while I was there in 2012.



Ah yes, they’ve made an helicopter out of that one!


Eh… I don’t think that’s right in this instance… Only one made, pre war.

I’m guessing your thinking of the Sikorski H-5?


Yep that’s the one! I mean the cockpit shares the same design.


Ok lets get this rolling again…

Answer to the last one; Abrams P-1 Explorer

New one, this should be easier.


Piaggio p180. I saw them all the time in Grosseto!
Did you know they made a Drone version of that?!




Aha, that’s a fun one! The name eludes me but I know its from that crazy Italian designer!


That’s a Caproni but I don’t know the official name, crap


I took a Challenger into Grosetto a few years ago. One of my first PIC trip to Europe from the States. It was the first time I laid eyes on a Typhoon other than in photographs.


On further review I guess its a Stipa-Caproni… if ya wanna be a stipa’ler about it :wink:

Ok now for one of my favorite planes,


That’s an ERCO Ercoupe. It’s a very unique design.


You got it! They are strange but very cool little planes. Your up!


Ok, this was a photo given to me by my Grandfather when I joined the RAF (he was in the RAF during the 1930’s and through WW2…

This isn’t my Grandfather btw, he worked as a mechanic specializing in Diesel engines.