Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


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I am German. We don’t get jokes unless they are explained well.

“The Germans take their humour very seriously. It is not a joking matter.”


Caution - a word or two of NSFW language:

And with a last name of “Frishmuth”…well…I have some of that German in me (the other half is Italian…I have 2/3rds of the Axis Powers running through my veins…)



Oh man, that’s so true.
It is not like we Germans don’t have humour. We just disguise it well. :smiley:


@Navynuke99 We might need a hint on this one, seems you stumped us so far.


I’m surprised, honestly.

It’s a racer, that only raced in one European race, the last year it was held.


I’m out of my league recognition-wise with that one @Navynuke99, so in cheating, something like this pic provides some good clues of era etc:


I posted an image of an aircraft and it’s name was in the title. So I guess the joke was… me :stuck_out_tongue:


To ensure all humor is now properly murdered and cleanly disposed of here, the joke explain is (well I think anyway) something along the lines of @Tankerwade saying this bit:

Lindbergh's first plane, The Spirit of St. Paul?

…with the key bit being that Lindberg and the Spirit of St Louis are so well known and part of history here in North America the joke part was the deliberate misuse of the ‘St Paul’ reference for comedic effect, with the extra smile tie-in being that Paul being the first apostle, hence ‘first plane’ and pun around St Louis (the place and plane, but rarely thought of as a saint).

Everyone grab a shovel, I think the gag is now ready for the hole. :slight_smile:


Thanks for explaining!
As everybody knows, a good joke is one that is explained in the end. :smiley:


@Navynuke99 is it Italian in design?


American. Built in one of the places that argues about being it’s importance in aviation history.


Careful there tar heel. Them’s fightin’ words.


The only reason so many astronauts come from Ohio is because they were all so desperate to leave.



And what did we do when we wanted to leave our terrible state?

We invented flight. in Ohio. To leave Ohio.


…but they’re all still coming here…

Another hint: depending on the source, it may or may not have been a development of what I’d widely considered by aviation historians to be the worst designed airplane ever.


Well based off the worst plane ever hint I found it… Though honestly that was a freaking good one.


Dayton Wright RB-1?

Though now I know where I’ve seen it before… I’ve been to the museum its displayed.


We have a winner!


Next up:


Super Galeb?


Isn’t the Galeb (Super and/or not) a low wing plane? Also doesn’t totally look as bad? Gosh that pic almost makes me want to bleach my eyeballs! D:

PS: Hope nobody makes a DCS module of that!