Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


Hawker Hind?

Any idea what the thing is on the left lower wing?


Well, I thought it was a Hind, so I will give it to you Andrew, but a little research suggests it is a Hawker Hart. K2429 was flown by 33 Sqn. I found the following site that lists it as a Hart…



Love that plane. Beautiful.


I is a great looking plane, and a cool story behind the photo.

Ok lets try this


So, we have had some time off. Time to get things going again.


Nailed it! You’re up.



That’s a Bristol 188. I remember having a cutaway diagram of it when I was a kid (possibly from the Eagle comic?). I also spent a lot of time at RAF Cosford :wink:


How about this:


Some sort of AVRO Vulcan prototype?

Edit… it’s a prototype all right… but another…

AVRO 707.

I admit, I checked for “AVRO” and “Prototype”


Correct! Have a cookie… :wink:


No point trying to throw a TSR2 into the mix then :wink: . The museum at Cosford is outstanding.


Sorry, it’s a bit dark…


According to my google search for “Horribly Deformed J-6” this is a J-12.


Correct! And Google really is your friend it seems :wink:


Here’s a nice easy softball


Martin P-6?



Busy day sorry it took a min to get this up



That’s an XB-38. Basically two P-38’s with a fuselage in-between.

Staying in that conflict -