Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


CAC Boomerang?


You got the CAC part correct…


Wirraway then?



Tanker’ll get this one in all of four and a half seconds.


Wish I could confirm your confidence in me…It’s got a Wyvern cockpit style bubble but Mustang wings?

More thought needed


Thats a new one on me, I was ready to say P-51 sill I got a sense of scale lol


It’s a CA-15. I had to google “Aussie P-51 like”

Speaking of Commonwealth forces -


The CAC Kangaroo! Yup.


Edit: Cargo variant, obviously


had a spare min tonight so here we go!


Lets try again, I don’t even remember what the last thing I posted was… German and a glider I think
This is should be a little easier :wink:


I had to google that reg, interesting aircraft!


That would be a Sud Aviation Caravelle.


Hah! Can’t believe no one got that one. It was famous (in legend) at the Anglia Gliding Club, Wattisham. One of the instructors there had flown it. I can’t ever say the spelling is correct, and it certainly seems rare now because it doesn’t come up in a search to confirm, but it is French, and goes something like “Favell”. I remember him saying it…

“Ah, you wouldn’t want to fly the Favell, likely to do a series of flips on you if you’re a pole bender, Ha! Ha!”


That means your up, whatcha got to stump us.


“Force-fed known” to everyone who has to fly the A320. :slight_smile: I was looking for a downloadable doc to post. Go to page 13 of the PDF and read “A Brief History” for something interesting about it. It was widely used by a couple of airlines in Ecuador up to the '80s. Some of them had a drag chute, which allowed them to operate on the short, hot and high airport at Cuenca.




Let’s see how long this one takes …


Bombay? :grin:

Okay, I’ll leave these alone. It’s a time period I know rather well. My dad was in Halton at the time, and recounted all these types as my bedtime stories.

Night, night!