Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


It is indeed a Bombay. I thought it would prove to be more of a challenge than that :wink: . Well played @Cygon_Parrot !


I used to be a member of the RAF Halton Flying Club back in the late 90’s… Seems like a lifetime ago.


That means your up!


Now that is damned interesting!


I love it that when you Google “Cuenca Airport” the first image:


Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I found the exact type for that glider, just needed to be a bit more imaginative with my search criteria, which I was this morning!

LOL! Yeah, that wasn’t all that long ago. There have been a few of those cases at Cuenca, over the years.

Know the feeling. I think you are a long way from “home”, too? I find that distance plays funny tricks with the retrospective perception of time, myself. Can’t begin to explain it, but chronology tends to end up bass-ackwards. Anyhow, I think it is preferable, in a way, to having to say “Oh, that was twenty five years ago? Feels like yesterday!”

Oh God! Okay. I’ll go very easy…


That looks like some sort of grob trainer aircraft. Can’t quite pin it down though.


Yes indeed, I live in Texas now. I moved to the States in 2002 (my wife is from over here) and chased the flying career dream. I’m guessing you have a similar story?


Yeah, along those lines. It goes like this in a nutshell. Father English Electric engineer. Met mother in India. Me born in England. Went to Ethiopia, back to England, then Ecuador (both parents by then working for BAC, later BAe), England again (after father’s retirement), and finally returned to Ecuador again in '96, after father passed away.

Bit of an age difference between my parents, my dad was born just after WWI, and my mother before WWII, hence my father being in Halton during the interwar years, and aircrew on Bomber Command (later POW) during the War.

Flying? Didn’t have a choice myself :slight_smile: with both parents being aviation professionals.




Victa Airtourer

Oh wow I didn’t know the kiwis used it as a trainer :smile: had to look it up.


That is what it is, glad you got it! :grinning:


should be pretty easy…


I’ve been pulled along by one with a length of rope, before now, LOL!

(PS: Please note, I did not actaully state categorically that I was in a glider at the time :smile:)


I’m guessing there’s a good story behind that lol

Name it, and your up again.


Well, in a way. I was joking, but…

It was technically a “glider” that I was pulled along in, in so much that it flew without an engine, with the L/D of a deadstick R-172. My mother called it the flying wardrobe, and it should be easy enough to ID, around here :slight_smile:, so it will be the the next one up, in a moment.

But first, unless there’s a trick like you want a licence built variant, your picture is of a Chipmunk. Here’s a shot of the exact one I was towed by, though it has had a gaudy repaint since then, it seems.

There was a similar aircraft built in India, by HAL, that my mother took flying lessons in at one stage.

So, here’s the next one (assuming I’m right about the Chipmunk!) Tadaa! The flying wardrobe itself, lol!


Awesome! I used to fly motor-gliders for the Air Cadets at RAF Henlow in the late 1990’s.

Oh, and that is a Slingsby Sedbergh TX Mk.1 :slight_smile:


The Grob 109, maybe? Lol! We used to do our six monthly or before competition field landing checks in those, though it was at Bicester, for me.


That’s what it is! Full of character!

Just thinking how interesting it would be to do an X-Plane on-line MP 300 km triangle gliding competition. :fearful:


Yes indeed, the mighty Vigilant! It was a lot of fun to fly, although I really didn’t build much time in them before I left the RAF and moved away from the area.


Your up @PaulRix