Battlefield 2042

I haven’t played the Battlefield series since BF4. BF2142 was my favorite. This renews my interest. 3:15 is such a “only in Battlefield” moment. :rofl::rofl:
Coming October 22, 2021. Gameplay reveal on June 13. EA has my money yet again…

Pre-alpha gameplay footage


Good grief, I loved 2142. The Titan takedown mode, from ground war to fighting on the huge ships, to blow their reactors, was epic.


I’m going to hang back and let you guys be the beta testers. Bf v released in such a terrible state and continued that way for a long time. I bought bf v and it was 50% off a week later.

I’ll play the open beta if there is one and I’ll eventually get it, but dice/ea really ducked their user base. Never forget.

No single player campaign or battle royale mode (don’t mind the latter, the former is a shame, just because it was a nice way to see all the fancy stuff in a mindless way). They’ll probably give us a discount because of the lack of SP though right? :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna lie, I clicked to fast and thought it was going to be a HD remake of 2142 and now I’m kinda disappointed lol

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Well, most of DICE’s single player campaigns have left me quite underwhelmed. I don’t think they’re very good at this whole SP thing. I found Bad Company 2’s, Bf 3’s, Bf 4’s, Bf Hardline’s, and Bf V’s to be uninspired story-wise and quite boring gameplay-wise. SP has never been their strong suit, unlike multiplayer. I kind of liked Bf 1’s mini-story campaigns but I found it way too short. I’m kind of relieved to see that the budget went into something people will actually play again and again.

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Yeah, the last good one for me was probably Bad Company. They were bad single player games for sure but a great way to see all the assets in a mindless way. The trouble with MP is that you have to either grind or pay to get to some of the fancier toys - SP sort of ‘theme parked’ you into them a bit. :slight_smile:

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it takes place in 20 years… don’t think our military will be that advance so soon… we have the tech just not going to be implemented… I’m done with the series after a loyal fan since the beginning, both BF1 and BF V were terrible… it’s all crates and cosmetics now… same with the CoD series… jmo.

Nice to finally see gameplay. Wish it would have been at a higher-res, but I guess it’s good to see what’s actually see some of the talking points (wing suit, grappling hook, on the fly attachment system) demonstrated.

I don’t see it as crazy futuristic either. It’s 20 years into the future. Think back about 20 years and the vehicles we started with in Iraq and Afghanistan. Think about the cell phones (if we had them) back then and what we’re able to do now.

I’ll play the open beta and see the gameplay. I will probably still await player reviews on bug reports before diving in. (I also said that with BF V, after playing the buggy beta. I still bought it on release day)

I dunno… Watched that video and I possibly got less interested. That did not look like it would fun, to me, to be honest. Like it’s… Too much? I dunno.

BF gameplay trailers are always too much. Everybody’s going after it and working together on an objective. In reality, most people are doing their own thing, either infantry sniping, tank camping and battles are at multiple locations and it’s a bit more chill.

I guess we need to play the open beta to see what’s what.


It looks like a love letter to the classic series of gameplay found in BF and BF2.

I dislike paying full price for a game that doesn’t have all the aspects one might expect from a triple-A release. However, as most have noticed, BF’s strong suit isn’t campaigns. The good news is, storytelling isn’t exactly the prime talent of Activision, either.

At nearly 50 years old, I no longer really have the reflexes for twitch gameplay, and since the target audience of CoD and BF are shaking their Adderall bottles in anticipation, the game isn’t really for me. I have to make peace with that. This is why I gravitate toward more methodical games like Ghost Recon, although Ubi has managed to find a way to ruin that, too.


I’ve been playing Bf4 quite a lot recently but I’ve given up now. I just get annihilated every time I play now.

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I too identify with getting older being at odds with frantic multiplayer fps action and I don’t expect myself to have any form of decent K/D ratio anymore, but the nice thing about BF is that your score isn’t tied to making kills as much as its tied to playing your role well.

I consistently end up in the top of the list by healing and reviving or providing ammo to squadmates.

Another thing is that once you start rushing and sprinting all the time, your deaths will increase dramatically.

Use cover and slow down and the experience gets much better. I need to remind myself to slow down all the time. :grinning:
But once I do, I get a much more fun match.

I am looking forward to BF2042 a lot! Finally a return to what made BF popular in its earlier days it seems. Lots of BF2 vibes here, sprinkled with fan service from the range of the series. Happy so far!

I’m an arma 3 veteran. Very tactical and methodical play style. But people bouncing all over the map over the top of me is just so hard to follow. I play titanfall 2 a lot online and at least on there EVERYONE is meant to be doing it but the meta of the BF and cod games is almost to break the game not play as intended and i just can’t keep up anymore.

Give me a sniper rifle, a roof, a 1500m range and arma 3 and ill clean up. Happily spend a whole afternoon on a roof in Dayz as well. Love it (not dayz so much)

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Time to get my Michael Bay over the top Battlefield on. Early access open beta Oct 6-9 for those that pre-order. Non pre-orders can beta test Oct 8-9. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extend that to the 10th… cuz why would end a beta test on Saturday night?!

Because it’s DICE/EA. They make all kinds of bizarre designs (ie BF V). :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically, it runs until 0700 UTC on October 10th, which is 3:00AM Eastern Time. Technically it runs to October 10 in the Mountain, Central and Eastern time zones.

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