BN-2 Islander

Not yet to release…but this was the first I’d seen mention of it.


The Islander was one of the aircraft I hoped I would be lucky enough to fly someday. I’ll be getting this one for sure.


Yeah…the St. Maarten, St. Barts, Saba shuffle would be fun in that one!

My flying instructor who is now a very close friend was an islander air ambulance pilot. He has some phenomenal stories from those days. I could listen to him talk for hours about the challenges those guys faced. He transitioned to King airs later and it was still pretty white knuckled. Amazing guy.


That will be 106…and counting :grin:

I had a BN-2 for FSX - I really liked it. I’ll also be getting this.

I’m pretty sure the count will be higher by the time that the Islander is released. Pretty sure indeed. ;).

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While I do not know exactly how many specific aircraft models I have in FSX, I had a FSTweaks management app that counted each aircraft skin…last time I looked it was over 1700…yeah…not good.

Which is why in XP11 I am severely limiting my purchases - but a good BN2 s a must have! . :grin:

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The developer (TorqueSim) also published a link to the (beta) manual online. I haven’t bought it yet…$40 is a bit rich for me at this point with so much goodness already in my hangar. I’ll probably pick it up on a sale at some point…

EDIT - Quick look at the manual (25 pages) shows it is a pretty bare bones manual. Not much in the way of true systems descriptions…more like a checklist and basic operating manual at this point.

The TorqueSim Islander is available for $39.95 at X-Aviation (who also have a shiny new website)…

I’m not sure I will be biting on this one, but time will tell, it might grow on me.


First mod is already out too…a “backcountry” darker panel


I do like that darker panel… but I bought another couple of gliders for Condor 2 last night so…must…resist. :dizzy_face:

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I’m tempted… Semester ends next week, so I’ll have time for a life again after that. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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