Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread



That is a gorgeous display!


Not shown - inside that A380 are over seven hundred rare giraffes, all painted gold and eating caviar. :giraffe:


I’m guessing the two jets that had to do the continuous corkscrews lost the bet at the bar the night before.


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - Those guys


Interesting - Cessna is building a new “clean sheet” twin turboprop utility aircraft. FedEx will be the launch customer:



Looks like an excellent STOL aircraft at first sight. I hope it fares well for Cessna!


Spotted @Troll hard at work this winter again…! (LOL…I know, it’s not a Dash 8…)

And a funny Shorts story:

The Air Canada behind the Loganair Shorts asked the tower what type it was, and tower said “it’s a shed”. The Loganair captain immediately replied, “it’s a Shorts SD-360 actually”. To which the Air Canada crew responded “Really? Did you make it yourself?”


Buahahaha awesome!


I’d love to put one of these in the back of someone’s car and rig it up to the ignition…


And then you’ve murdered someone! :wink:


Like I said… :rofl:


No, it certainly isn’t…

Chris, my friend, you have struck gold!
Where did you find that pic!?!?

I grew up around that plane. :heart:

It’s a Shorts belonging to the defunct Swedish airline Air Hudik. It operated out of the city of Hudiksvall in the county of Hälsingland, where I’m from. Our neighbour worked there as a technician. The same neighbour that took me flying for the first time, in his two seat Jodel experimental, and built his own Evans VP-1 in his livingroom.

The memories…


It was just a random Reddit aviation thread…

Great that you have an attachment to it…!


Ooooops! … Alan Cross (a popular Toronto music aficionado) was aboard a 777-300 ER at CYYZ early yesterday morning on his way to Bangkok when it hit a light standard.

Story here …

Check out the damage to the wing …


A bit of tape, will be fine… :wrench:


And there goes your wing spar! :wink:

But seriously, a dent all the way up to the stress panel, that is not a happy fun time for maintenance. A expensive little mistake unfortunately.


Ouch. Yeah that one is going to be grounded for a while.


That little nick? It’ll buff right out…


Mmm…that A340 landing about two minutes in is just nice…