Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


You got that number for Truck Master…?


The awkward sidewalk sidestep game is less adorable with vehicles involved. Whose at fault here?


I can’t stop watching that. So scary.

Looks like tower fail? or unauthorized incursion?



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I see Tony Hawk has taken up bush flying recently!


Dear Santa…


NOICE!!! :+1:


As mentioned by @chipwich a few posts up regarding Jon Karkow, here’s another harrowing reminder of how dangerous these aircraft can be … and another ICON A5 goes down … RIP Roy “Doc” Halladay …


Sad to see these icons going down. I’ve mentioned before that their plant is in my town. I have accually logged 2.3hrs in the thing by way of friends that work there.

The plane is an amazing little machine. Just sitting in it gives you the feeling you are in a sports car. It still need to be respected as any aircraft does.

Desite the higher profile incidents it has had this year I still have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that this aircraft isn’t as safe as any other if proper care is taken.


This looks like a Mudspike Christmas vacation screenie :slight_smile:


His Twitter account mentions this:

“I keep telling my dad flying the Icon A5 low over the water is like flying a fighter jet! His response… I am flying a fighter jet!!”

That is one problem with an airplane like the Icon A5…it begs to be flown like that, and there is just no margin for error. A glassy lake or waterway at low altitude - it is extremely hard to judge altitude. I don’t blame the airplane (yet), but that type of aircraft, the type of flying one likes to do in it, and the low time/experience of the pilot are all contributing factors. Not good news for that Icon company though…that’s for sure…


That’s the dumb part … it’s a PLANE, not a BOAT!

I just watched some vids of him flying pretty recklessly and close to the water. The only time I’d fly it that close to the water is if I was coming in for a landing.

Unfortunate for ICON … it sure looks like a fun little plane!


It really is unfortunate for ICON - and should make them look harder at celebrity endorsements just for the sake of getting their name out there. Now their name IS out there…and not in a good way. Over the water or terrain, just a moment distraction and you are toast. Drop a chart, or phone, or something, bend over to pick it up…nudge the stick forward just slightly… Just an ugly scenario.

Of course, I’m just speculating, and maybe the plane suffered some mechanical failure or something. It is not really fair of me to think that is what happened, but it isn’t unreasonable. Hopefully the NTSB report might shed some light…or witness accounts…


I hope that Icon survives and thrives, but IMO the terms amphibian and LSA should probably not be used in the same sentence. Although, low time certainly wasn’t applicable in the case of Jon Karkow. And to Icon’s credit, they did issue new low flying guidelines early in October.


Aww, kids say the darndest things :slight_smile:

His emergency procedures game is strong!


Well I was on par with him until the end of the first minute. He surpassed me by then… fast.


Is he available to stand in for recurrent sessions?


That kid knows his systems although he forgot to mention the downlock systems on the landing gear… point deduction for that :wink:


Na … he’s busy pursuing a doctorate in paleontology.