Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


I…I…I can’t even…


That is not a runway, that is a skateboard half-pipe



That’s really clever! I love it how you can see the aircraft sinking into it’s suspension when the loading is hitting it!

What kind of aircraft is that?


I am at an air safety conference.
Listened to this guy today…
Google QF32 and Crespigny, if this is new to you…
Darn good presentation and a compelling story!

Bought the signed book, of course :wink:


Really enjoyed reading about this here


Seems like a good summary of the presentation.
The only discrepancy I could find was that the margin of error wasn’t 3% on landing. It was 3kts, between stalling and landing too fast to make a stop on the runway. :wink:


Unrelated but still sort of fitting.

How SpaceMirrors are made


Our first Embraer 190-E2 arrived in Norway, today!


Are you likely to move onto the E190 @Troll?


No, not in a while at least. I could get it as a first officer, but then I’d have to start commuting to another base. I’m better off as a commander on the Dash8, for now. Would be fun, though! :slight_smile:
And, if the plans hold water, we’ll be getting 15 of these beauties. So, in time…


There is nothing like being Captain of your own ship. I hope you are enjoying the left seat after all that hard work!


Always thought this aircraft was a sharp looking one. Also loved the cockpit avionics set-up as well. Use to fly one all the time in FSX. Was my favorite module to use in that simulation.


Welcome to the club of EU 190/170 operators :wink: KLM has(or soon will) the biggest fleet in the EU if our beloved propaganda is to be believed!


Pulling G’s in the L-39C Albatros. Bucket list flight.


Such a gorgeous little jet the Albatros … mesmerizing vid … TFP.

BTW, I get paranoid whenever someone tells me what we’re about to do is “perfectly legal”. :thinking:



I think that I need to return to the airline industry!


That’s an amazing piece of technology that elicits a belief that there is no limit to what mankind can create. Thanks for linking.


Always amazes me how busy the cockpit is during a short flight.


Short flights like this are very busy, at least for the PM/PNF.