Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Long flights as well…





That’s a fascinating tale @komemiute. Quite an adventure!


I really love when experience and skill brings such an adventure to a nice ending.


It’s extremely frustrating to not have time to eat catering…


Our shortest commercial flight is 8 min airborne, in visual conditions. 12 min with full procedure.
We don’t even serve coffee… :scream:


Lol @Troll

That is a good thing with our catering…


I suspect the catering on the airplane I fly is somewhat better :wink: .


Well to be fair. The catering to the passengers is not that bad for the type of market we encompass, but obviously nothing compared to private sector… But crew food… Yeah I would wager yours would be several rungs higher


Guy nailed an emergency landing on a Calgary street this morning …


Steveo goes up in a racing plane and handles it like a champ …

What’s up with Lakeland Florida’s Sun & Fun 2018 security??? People just aimlessly wandering, motorcycling, gocarting and driving all over the runway LOL!

I’ve still got my eye out for a nice X-Plane 11 TBM @chipwich. :slight_smile:

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Here’s where you wanted it? :slight_smile:


You’ve just described heaven.


I’m waiting for Carenado to sort out the one that they released. Really cool aircraft.

I haven’t been to Sun & Fun, but a local EAA chapter hosts a pretty big fly-in every year, and I usually help out parking aircraft by mini bike and motorcycle. It can get pretty crazy with folks walking / riding everywhere while aircraft are arriving and departing. Haven’t had an decapitations yet. Fingers crossed.

Typical situation. My buddy and long time EAA Chapter 611 president (retired), Winn Fletcher, preventing mayhem.





Airflow visualization:


Who needs tailhooks and arresting cables?


What the hell ! :astonished:


Look at the water to its right. There’s quite a strog wind! :open_mouth:


Flight testing…civil or military can be dangerous stuff:

“A GippsAero GA10 turbo Airvan was destroyed after a test flight on Monday when it crashed in the Mojave Desert, in southern California. Both pilots on board bailed out at about 5,000 feet AGL and landed safely under parachutes, according to news reports.”