Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


I’m just going to leave this here…

QNH is correct, as is the altimeter.


Prepare to drop depth charges! :wink:


Que Queen’s Underpressure :wink:




Drug runner edition! :wink:

That’s how you get to pressure wash your turbines weekly though. As pretty as it looks!


Seems like a bad place to put telephone/power wires…

…alternatively…might just be a bad place to land an An-225…

Alternate angle…


I saw Anna earlier this year at Berlin Airshow. She’s huuuge. I have to finally get the pictures from the SD card and post some of them here.


Interesting, the latest generation of engines is not off to a happy start.

Don’t read the comments though, the AV Herald comment section has taken a nosedive in the recent months.


Pretty much the same universally for any comment section. The same can be said for the FlightAware news comment section. The digital age has a lot of great things about it…lack of civility in comments isn’t one of them.


I could watch videos like this all day… really like the ones with the ATC in the background.


I completely forgot about Oshkosh. Time flies when your plane is broke :frowning:


No. No thank you at all…


I am with you… NO thanks.



I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right?:man_facepalming:


Wow. Yeah, I guess there are some things I don’t need to try in my life.


I’m guessing that if you keep your speed up then it becomes hard to dig in, but it’s not something I would have any desire to try personally.


When I was young and stupid I rode with a friend who often did that in his Maule. After a few runs up and down the lake he said to me, “Go Ahead, give it a go!” “No thanks. I’m good just watching.”

(Rest in peace, Jim)


It’s the same idea as with riding a motorcycle over a lake or skipping stones and a slight downward pressure on the stick to keep it from lifting up should do the trick with a aircraft.

I’ll never do it, I am not that insane yet!


That just looks like it could go very wrong very quickly.