Cold Waters


I spent a lot of time playing RSR on the Atari ST back in the day. This looks like a nice balance between game and sim. Downloading now! :slight_smile:


Finally a new modern subsim to play. Exciting times. I already completed all training missions and sunk my first Victor in a single mission.

The graphics are very nice (for a subsim) and the variety of units is fantastic. There is a multitude of Soviet vessels with a lot of cool details, such as military cargo freighters with packed up APCs on the deck. I also love the variety of playable US SSN with such unique vessels as the Narwhal, or the Skipjacks, Permits and Sturgeons both in their initial 60s and upgraded 80s variants. Very nice.

I also like the sound effects and the music themes. The GUI is very nicely done with pretty paintings. All in all the game gives a very good first impression with a high production value.

I also had a first encounter with a destroyer, evading torpedoes in the external view using the direct rudder control while simultaneously getting bombarded by RBUs. This looked extremely cool and was a ton of fun. Of course it is also completely unrealistic, as at flank speed your sonar would wash out and you would run around completely blind. Still fun though :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the campaign mode yet and can’t say much yet about the AI. Both will be the meat of the game and make or break it, considering that the emphasis of the game is on commanding and not technical details.

What is already apparent to me is that the game desperately needs crew voices. Even though this game is about being a sub commander, currently it feels as if I am the only soul on board.

My initial impression is very good. It is clear that this is not a contender with Dangerous Waters, but it looks to be a fun sub game in a fantastic setting. It was about time we got a new subsim.


I already had a few dabs at the campaign, so far, they all ended like this:

I’m doing pretty okay in the ASW arena. But the Soviet naval aviation trully is the bane of my existence. They show up during pretty much any mission I play, and once they have a decent bead on my location, they have no qualms about completely littering the place with ASW torps running various patterns.

I don’t think I was near test depth yet, but I did already survive a hit, so my sub imploded

The campaign is heavily stylized with numerous news reports and the like. Very enjoyable reads and some very nice art as well.

The grand campaign map

The graphics are indeed great.

look closely, solid rocket booster falling off the Tomahawk TASM

Splash, quite literally

I did have a great time so far though.


Ive been having a great time with it. Its a nice balance between realism and game play. The sensors seem well modeled but I like that the crew does all the work :slight_smile:


Had a little go with the campaign yesterday, sub huńting is a lot of fun but it gets quite hard once you’re facing a modern sub. Made short work of a Whiskey class but then one of them nuclear powered missile subs kicked my behind. I couldn’t pick it up, not even with active sonar (tried a lot of depths), then at some point i took a single active torpedo and that was the end of it.


Has anyone managed to rearm during a mission? For some reason when i’m in port, it says rearming is available but nothing happens.


yeah it works for me. When close to Holy Loch, press escape, and then summary, I was able to stock up on new weapons from there.


Seems to have been a fluke. After reloading the campaign it worked.


I’m going to give Cold Waters an enthusiastic two thumbs up. I lost several hours to it yesterday.

It is nice not having to micromanage the crew, and yet you are still be able to employ submarine tactics in a realistic manner. The waterfall display works well. Some of the acoustic signatures are quite similar, so you have to use care when making an identification, especially if the target is distant. The tables can turn very quickly if you are not careful.

There are a few things that I would like to see tweaked a bit. For example, the towed array, while modeled, isn’t physically there. As soon as you get to 5 knots, you have the benefit of the array. It would be great if they could model the time it takes to deploy it/retrieve it. I seem to remember in the more hardcore sub sims, you could ruin the towed array by going too fast, and I am sure dragging it along the bottom would be bad for it’s health.

I thought that not being able to command a specific heading, depth or speed would be an issue, but as long as you keep an eye on what your sub is doing, it really isn’t hard to control. The X key is your friend (Straight and Level)…

Great stuff overall though!


Just returned to port from my first wartime patrol. Sunk a tender, two destroyers and 7 subs. Came home seriously low on torpedoes and out of countermeasures. A pretty good cruise :slight_smile:

I am not a fan of the WASD controls other than for torpedo evasion. I think it is annoying to concentrate so much on reaching a specific depth or course while my attention is needed somewhere else. There is a reason that in real subs there is a whole bunch of people dedicated to just holding depth.

Do I miss anything with the campaign map? It seems it is always on time acceleration and I can’t even pause to study the map or make plans. Stuff moves around extremely quickly.

Some more issues I found. Anyone has the same?
-I can only fire from tube 3 and 4 (or 5 and 6 in the Skipjack). Whenever I select the other tubes and press space to drop the target waypoint, the selection bounces back to the lower tubes).
-I can hear active sonar pings from behind torpedoes. Not sure if this is as intended.
-Often in the tactical phase I am unable to view my own sub. I can switch the view between various stuff but am unable to go back to view my own boat.


Agreed, there’s a lot of task saturation going on if you’re trying to manage flooding, depth and counterattacking at the same time. The additional option to dial in course and depth would be very nice.

Also a good point, yes.

That never happened for me. Did you check whether you have some mixup with the keybindings?

Are they the same strength as from the front? It stands to reason that if a torpedo uses a small array for directivity, then there will be strong sidelobes.

Also a bug i’ve never encountered. F1 always returns me to my own sub. I’ve had a few minor issues with the UI like the the reload screennot coming up in port. Apart from that it has worked rather well.


Picked this up, blitzed through the tutorials, picked the Kirov mission after listening to @Tyco bash his head against it.

Load two Mk-48s, a MOSS and a Harpoon. Immediately give away my position because years of Arma have engrained Q = Up, Z = Down in my head, and trying to come to periscope depth has instead caused cavitation. Immediately fire a MOSS off towards the suspected SAG and crash dive to prevent further cavitation and build speed for the inevitable Silex.

Inevitable Silex and his friend come about thirty seconds later, bracketing me. Drop a noise maker in the water and attempt to generate a knuckle, but don’t really have the time. Manage to get one torp diving down low then immediately power into a flank speed full everything left corkscrew ascent over top of it. Another noise maker, and then I reverse course as it begins to follow it’s re-acquisition algorithm. The other is far enough off that the noisemaker thoroughly confuses it. Make a clean break when another two torpedoes bracket my further position. One establishes intermittent contact, but not quite enough to keep it up, the other is well outside acq distance. Now there is fairly persistent depth charging in the area I was initially spotted.

Frustrated, I bring us back to the surface, and fire my Harpoon in a wide search pattern back at the SAG, just to let them know their ASW sucks and I’m mad, then drop it back down “deep” (the floor is 600 feet here), to get out ahead of the return fire. Another pair of torpedoes, one persistently latches on, but radical maneuvering and a pair of noise makers ultimately dissuade it.

I extend from the SAG, wary of the still active, still searching torps. Once they begin self destructing, I reverse my course, and begin creeping back north, careful to allow my towed array to begin it’s TMA. I identify two of the four ship present, one is an Udaloy that is tantalizingly close, and the other is the Kirov, further afield. As I creep in, a cheeky bit of periscope reveals my Harpoon found something, and that there is a Bear-F aggressively searching for me. I continue to press, my plan is to give the Udaloy three Mk-48s (I reloaded the harpoon with one), then break west to flank around and kill the Kirov.

As I approach what I’d consider favorable firing position, I see the Bear swooping down low near, but not on my course track. Hoping to evade him just a little while longer, I hit the key for silent running. Only I don’t, I actually hit the key for emergency blow. 800 yards from a bear, and 1000 yards from an Udaloy.

That’s enough Cold Waters for the night.


Somehow even the Los Angeles Class arsenal falls a bit short. Can’t those thingies launch RATs as well? If i’m up against a SSN, even if i get the first shot i need to immediately run for my money because they all have RATs that get to my position long before my torpedoes have crept all the way to them.


There’s always SUBROC


I was wondering if anybody was going to mention SUBROC…


From my experience, that tactic never works.


If you’re that close to an Udaloy, your only chance is probably spamming a bunch of torpedos at it so it can’t follow, launching a MOSS in an advantageous direction and then getting out of there as fast as possible, preferably without cavitating.


Oh I rage quit. The emergency blow mechanic means that I’m stuck on the surface for like five or six minutes. On the Surface, within gun range of two major surface combatants, an ASW aircraft, and gosh knows how many anti-shipping missiles.

Nope, we were done.


An exclusive scene of near_blind rage quitting.


UDALOY. Mk 48s. HARPOON! KIROV! BEAR! SUBROC! :dizzy_face:

Stahp! STAHP!

My internet connection is kind of up the spout under some ISP maintenance at the moment, mostly stuck at a DL rate of 200 KB/sec or less, and I CAN’T download this yet! Please stop torturing me… :cold_sweat: