DCS 1.5.X Change-log Announcements

I spend forever trying to find a good thread to append these to … so instead I will make another one! Please forgive me but I will try to keep all 1.5.x change-logs in this thread from now on :slight_smile:

DCS 1.5.7 Update 1 (

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F-15C: The Georgian War campaign

8 August 2008. The Russo - Georgian war catches four USAF F-15Cs and their crew in Georgian territory. American pilots came to present their jets before a possible purchase of several machines by the small state in South Caucasus.

Although inspired by true events, this fictional campaign puts player in a cockpit of F-15C Eagle. Throughout 16 missions in the space of several days, he will help the Georgian forces face much more numerous and better equipped foe.

DCS World

  • QFE pressure in autobriefing - hPa added, values arranged
  • FPS drop when multi unit SAMS are used fixed
  • Input: DCS GUI no more freezes when user assigned {LCtrl+L} combo
  • User Interface input commands added for keyboard
  • Mission Editor: Static icons no more duplicates
  • Crash when use ‘on shot’ trigger deactivation for air defence groups fixed
  • All the internal missions/campaigns included in ED/BST modules have been localized into Chinese at the moment.


  • Crash on loading A-10C DSMS training lesson fixed


  • Su-25 cockpit glass texture is bound to cockpit frame
  • MiG-29S. “CAP” quick start mission fixed. Now the last fighter flight will be activated. Quantity of the enemy aircraft was also decreased to make the mission easier to complete.
  • Mig-29S. The lighting in the cockpit is incorrect color fixed
  • F-15C “Free flight” mission briefing and triggered message corrected


  • UH-1H AI crew will now engage enemy
  • Fixed rope breaks when player tries to raise a cargo

Spitfire LF Mk. IX

  • New skins added


  • New skins added


  • “Checklist: Wind condition" joystick command added
  • AI crew will now engage enemy
  • Fixed rope breaks when player tries to raise a cargo


  • Connect to non-public server with password fixed
  • Connect to long running server fixed


  • UH-1H - UN Pilot. Chinese localization added.
  • Mi-8MTV2 - Oilfield. Cargo weight decreased in missions 05 and 11
  • Su-27 - Ultimate Argument. Reaction to Threat changed for Su-24 wing in mission 14
  • BS2 - Republic Campaign. ‘Soldier RPG’ removed from Mission ‘Rescue’

AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Implemented various Radio functionality
  • Fixes to the Automatic Fuel Regulator
  • Fixes to afterburner at altitude
  • RB-04 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed
  • RB-15 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed
  • Added R for RUTA waypoints
  • Correction to TILS-stations numbering past 20
  • Multiple potential CTDs fixed
  • Corrected TILS layer switch not switching back
  • Fixed distance time line getting stuck relative to horizon when in sidewinder fast select mode
  • Fixed backup sights
  • Fixed several kneeboard issues
  • Fixed starter sound
  • Re-added playsound for Walkman
  • Wave 1 of input overhaul
  • Radio is now pre-configured to nearest airfield
  • Fixed issue with FR22 radio becoming unusable after moving radio function selector
  • Fixed broken easter egg (triggering during normal gameplay)
  • Tuned pylon x,y,z coordinates
  • Added custom data cartridge functionality
  • Added interface for custom data cartridge selection
  • Fixed several normal map issues in cockpit due to incorrect vertex tangents in exporter. Thanks Evgeny @ ED for the Plugin fix!
  • Fixed Radios crashing in MP
  • Added Unlimited Weapons functionality (NOTE: Some sight modes may not work correctly after firing all weapons yet, you may also need to cycle the master arm between firing)
  • Corrected Sights for Rockets (hitting long/short)
  • Corrected Sights for bombs (hitting long/short)
  • Fixed TAKT not showing weapon state after re-arm
  • Fixed TILS not going to phase 2 and 3 when going too fast/turning too slow
  • Fixed TILS switching to phase 2 when 180 degree from the runway heading.
  • Implemented Cockpit Clock (NOTE: Will only work in 2.1.X due to cockpit model export issue currently)
  • Corrected TILS angle restriction tolerances
  • Fixed NAV/RR mode releasing re-armed bombs
  • Fixed radar elevation in AA mode
  • Viggen now works from Saved Games path as well
  • Corrections to input/output validation
  • Updated RU/CN localization

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • All (EB and CC) radios now correctly handle ON/OFF status. Radio transmission is impossible if the radio is OFF, or priority was switched to another cockpit.
  • Added new IFR and FD training missions with EN, ES and CN localizations.


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Thanks for posting these Fridge.

I keep looking for the one I really want though:

DCS World

  • now merged with 2.1

(note that is not in the list, it is not true news but only dreaming by me)


Nice update, hopefully something in there has fixed the memory leak issue.

That Viggen changelog though. Go Heatblur!

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Careful now. @Fridge doesn’t like discussion in his changelog threads.


That’s not necessarily true … I am just adverse to them getting sidetracked :slight_smile:


Yeah no, don’t worry, write stuff like that… it’s not like my scumbag brain tells me it happened and gave me a heart attack.
Carry on
*applies two pizzas as defibrillators to chest and revive himself *


I think that the best indicator of that is going to be a 2.5 Open Alpha release thread :slight_smile:

So…are the dual pizzas part of the 1.5.7 update then, or is that also pending 2.5?


Nice find!!
Those Viggens were from F15 Hälsinge Flygflottilj, the base where I served as a mechanic…
In the movie they flew out of a forward base on the island of Gotland, in the Baltic sea.


No Su33 PFM? I thought that was August. (Smokin’ Hole runs to the corner, sits hugging his knees and cries into his folded arms. Best to stay away until his tantrum subsides. )

You Mean 2.5, w/ Caucasus 2.5, and 1.5 going bye bye like 1.2


DCS: Naming Schema Confusion Reduction Module. Coming SoonTM


Here’s the campaign trailer - enjoy guys: DCS F-15C: The Georgian War - YouTube

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Looking very impressive @Baltic_Dragon!


Well OK then! Looks awesome as always @Baltic_Dragon. I just visited the DCS World store :).

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[EDIT: Figured it out. I had to close Oculus. Go Figure…)

Is anyone getting this update yet (8pm US-East 8/23)? I complained that I wasn’t seeing “Buddy Spike” on the DCS server browser and a guy on the forum asked if I downloaded “today’s” update.