DCS 2.5/2.7 Update Thread (2021)

Continuing on from last years amazing thread: DCS 2.5 Update Thread (2020)



DCS World

  • Fixed a rare crash on DCS start
  • Improved DCS loading speed

Indeed they have. Sim loaded up downright zippy on my box. As it damn well should, seeing as it’s a summer 2020 God Box. (still waiting for that motherlovin’ GPU)


A FOURTH decimal??

What should we expect to see when DCS 2.6.0 comes out? HAL flying the planes and thought-control? I will need to think in Russian?
Is DCS 3.0 going to be a full holodeck, like O’Brien and Bashir flying Spits in the BoB on DS9?

I know they’re just labels, but it seems that version numbers are being given extra power now for DCS, while Chrome and Firefox release an entire new version when they move a menu option up a slot…




Hold my beer! 00:45 into that and…a) what map is this? Syria?, and B) those clouds! Oh my aching GPU.


Looks like Cyprus to me, so yeah, probably on the Syria map.
The clouds are a great step into the right direction!


Holy carp. It does look absolutely amazing.

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I want those clouds NOW!


That soon huh. Wow. Also yay stupidly easy Mavericks :smiley:

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Do any of you use a autoexec.cfg file to limit the max fps in DCS? Since a few versions back, for the life of me i can no longer get this method to work.


I don’t think it’s ever worked properly. I personally use RTSS (RivaTools Statistics Server) to cap my FPS to 60.

Worked plenty fine for me for what, almost 10 years now.

I use it for 60fps. A few versions ago it began acting like Vsync and being either 60 or 30 rather than anywhere up to 60. Last I checked it was back to normal, but I haven’t really been monitoring it my last few flights.

there is some good news on the horizon … and some not so great news (blackshark 3)
but it looks like we could have a great year with DCS


Now, dates will slip. That’s just the nature of things. But that was an impressive list. I will consider it a great success if they are able to do half of it.
The Vulkan and multithread update this year? Sure, I’ll take it! But I was not expecting that in 2021.


There’s so much goodness in there…
Good gods.


Yes, I note the Ah-64D doesn’t make mention of Longbow/radar at all, even though the pictures have shown it installed. Hopefully they’re just not using the Longbow name due to possible legal reasons and it will in fact be there.

Front/back in the Hind and Apache are definitely something I’ve been missing for over 20 years now!
My friend and I played DI’s Apache MP for a good year, although performance was abysmal on our PCs at the time. By the time Hind came out and they had fixed the performance issues, he had moved somewhere with poor internet, and by the time he came back to the better-serviced areas the games had aged out.

Speaking of which, I do need to get more into that with the F-14.

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Oh my, be still my beating heart!

That mosquito… those clouds… The hind… Better AI and ATC…


You mentioned Black Shark 3. Was there a recent update on that? I haven’t heard anything since last January.

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