DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)



“You mother ******* are going to kill all my lilies!”
– Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE


– Agent Smith


Nope, this was the glorious DCS AI in action. His wingman was trying to engage me first, but I ducked behind a hill going 500kts and his missile missed, then when I came out he fired another missile at treetop level and somehow blew his own tail off. :thinking:

So this AI is going for the Shrike carrier, shooting and missing him, and I kinda want the Shrike carrier to survive, so I floor it on the deck and hope I can catch him (lulz) when he decides I’m a more worthy target. I thought it was all over but for some reason he elected to dive down toward me, so I pull back hard on the stick while he’s turning. He’s slowing down and I think it’s all over but I’m apparently slowing down faster than he is and he coasts right under me and kicks his burners on. A quick roll on my part and I catch him with a burst of 20 on the climb out.


Sierra hotel hombre!


“I’ll hit the brakes and he’ll fly right by”
— “Maverick”


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Disco killed the quote competition! :robot:
And the the fact that it even became a quote competition is why I love this forum!
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Cut that fuel burn a little close :fearful:




A little?


Winter is coming…


That’s sweet!


I’m not really into blinged-out combat aircraft, preferring more the POL stained been there, done that, got the T-shirt look. But that skin is really cool EB.


That moniker gave me an instant flashback of Eugene. Wonder what became of him, he’s no longer posting on ED’s boards.



The Huey is badass in that screenshot!


With the completion of the Farewell USA livery from 2003, my german Fulcrum pack is ready, ready to fight Hornets.



VFA-106 Gladiators

VMFAT-101’s new CAG paint scheme, it got a little tricky with the diamonds shape and size, especially with the IFF parts in front of the windshield.

The more colorful VMFA-251.

I found two images of a very clean Hornet, basically right out of the factory without certain markings, on the ramp. It is registered as BuNo 164708.