DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Red Group Exercise - no worries, just a routine training operation -

Just some airliners … no worries …

nothing to see here …

Red Sky. Get Ready.


Night SEAD in the Gulf:

@Wes this is pitch black for me, save for the nearing dawn light!

And trapped! Only took out a Rapier with my HARM, even though I was targeting a Hawk. :thinking:


@Franze in a Flanker:


New credit card, veni, vidi, visa!


I can’t see the pic so well…could you move your thumb? And then a pic of the reverse side showing the CVV would be awesome! :wink:


There’s a typo in my meme, but I’m too lazy to fix it…


LMFAO! You beat me to it. LOL!


The NAWDC covered a Hornet with a black paint scheme which is meant to represent the Su-34. This paint scheme is the very same as the blue and brown versions.


Very convincing.


So evidently every time an AI Gazelle lands, two USAF F-15 drivers appear to welcome it back to base…who knew? :confused:

Two for each helicopter. A bit strange if you ask me but…


They are discussing how cool it would be to be helicopter pilots…


This is so awesome.


Haha that’s fantastic - kiwi helo pilots with a sense of humour! :joy:


I was able to figure out the AGM-65F last night and sink a couple of ships with the Bug…

…life is good! :sunglasses:


Sierra Hotel old man!


Flying formation with @Wes


In another thread, @Troll explained that one of the ways the Viggen would have been used in a war against the Soviets, would have been LOC interdiction– taking out bridges and the like to slow the Soviet advance. Taking that in mind…


Did they keep the plans for their bridges in HQ with the weak points highlighted so they knew the best way to drop them?

Kind of like how the Pentagon has war plans for everything, including ridiculous events like invading New Zealand, maybe they had a bunch of premade missions like that. The Prime Minister appears on their radar screen and says “Commander, execute order 95” and off they go to blow up bridges 10-15.


@Troll would know more about Swedish HQ plans.

For myself, never saw a plan against NZ…I guess, Kiwis are too darn adorable. :grin:


I think most relevant Swedish bridges even had built-in features to blow them up. At least in Switzerland during the Cold War, most bridges and tunnels had pre-drilled holes to insert the explosives. I have even heard claims that some major Swiss tunnels were permanently rigged with explosives but I am not sure if this is just a myth.

With regards to Sweden, I would be interested to know what their plans were with bridges in Finland…