DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Planning ahead for scorched-earth tactics is a good window into the mindset of the leaders of that era.

Good question about Finland, would they knock them down only if Finland fell or would they do it proactively? If Finland’s leaders were in the middle of a fight and could still use them, that would be almost declaring war on them just to save yourself later. If they did wait, though, it might be too late to stop the early waves.


Clearly, you’ve never played rugby or soccer with any.


Most likely. There are stories about major strategic infrastructure having demolition areas, where the ranger outfits would set charges to destroy them. They would also set mines as they withdrew.
The plans are classified, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are plans for the demolition of strategic roads and infrastructure in other countries as well…

Swedes would never attack New Zealand.
Have you seen the Māori performing a Haka?
That would scare the :poop: out of any swedish soldier… :wink:


Friendly rivalry aside, Finland and Speden have strong formal military cooperation and even stronger informal diplomatic backchannels because of the political realities.

I personally only spent a couple of years in the military and still did multiple exercises with Sweden and Norway and stayed at Swedish bases a couple of times…there’s active cooperation.

Regardless of how openly this is spoken about in the public you can be quite confident that the high command of both countries’ militaries have agreed on strategies on how to deal with choke points in case of an offensive from the East.

While Finland is a buffer zone for Sweden, considering the nature of the adversary it is certainly in Stockholm’s best interests to assist Finland’s war efforts rather than blowing some bridges willy nilly without asking the Finns first. Especially considering that knowing our ways when it comes to guerilla defence, chances are that bridge has a shaped charge - shaped cavity already built in by the original bridge engineers, just in case :grin:


We like to joke about the Finns as being drunken inbreds, but I don’t know of anybody I’d rather have fighting by my side…
They fear no man…or bear. :wink:


Of course the Norwegians have a special place in my heart. :heart_eyes:


True story. My buddy married a Finnish woman.

She’s 5’2", and I’m terrified of her.


Pictures! :smiley:


Lots of light fighters for me, lately.



more fun on hollo pointe with @Franze @WreckingCrew and @Wes

i really need to remember to delete that damn toolbar…


Back of the Hand with @Franze in the Harrier.

Obey ALL Signage

Or not…

On deck with Franze:


Hide in plain site!



Newbie here. I see someone has been sharing my YT videos, so I thought I’d share some of my screens (not sure whether to upload direct or share from Imgur). Starting with the MiG-21:











Beautiful shots! Some of those as simply amazing!

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Holy heck that’s some fine MiG pr0n! You get a datcha and you might not go to gulag this week!


…and this is why I “hate” this thread…I’m just climbing back up the relearning curve for the Viggen and Mi-8 and then I see these cool screen shots and my brain goes all, “We need to get back in the Fishbed! We need to fly the Fishbed!! Now!!!” :astonished: …and then its climbing back up another relearning curve! :grin:


That’s my life with the Harrier and Hornet at the moment :sweat_smile:


It’s the same for me as well. Who would have thought too many modules for DCS. I can’t study anything anymore because I want to do it all. :slight_smile:


You’ve come to the right place for aviation love fest. Welcome to the MudSpike. :wink:


Great screenshots!