DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



I have so many modules and screenshots I’m afraid of hijacking the thread. Next up, my favorite warbird:








The Gray Croat and the Orange Egyptian are a couple of my fav Fishbed liveries :slight_smile:


I don’t think this is a thread you can hijack. We all love the pics. Keep em coming dude :blush:


Unbelievable screenshots!
Amazing job!


Ah yes, I forgot… Welcome here!



That’s just beautiful, @Franze!
Sometimes DCS knocks me over with the visuals, even if I need to reduce the quality in :vr:


That was the result of playing around with the “dynamic” weather, things got interesting before I finally got it where I wanted it to be.

74m/s winds are no joke.


I can imagine…!


If my MacBook converter widget is accurate, that’s 143.8 knots…per Wikipedia the fastest wind speed not associated with a tornado was during Tropical Cyclone Olivia on 10 April 1996, 220 knots / 113 m/s. Previously it was 201 knots / 103 m/s recorded April 12, 1934 by Mount Washington Observatory staff, Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Neither location is known for having much of a sense of humor.

So that was produced by the dynamic weather…hmmm…while I do like the sky look that dynamic weather can produce and appreciate that all the wind speed/ direction are different…I’ve found some whacky effects too, albeit not as dramatic. I remain undecided which I like better. Obviously I need to fly more. :thinking:


I have got some intresting results with dynamic weather. Awesome shot by the way :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I remember having a head wind so strong my Su-25 wouldn’t take off.


Ferrying HARMs

Carrying a bit of whoopazz for the reds

My Harrier identifies as an attack helicopter!

Reds have been doing some damage


That shot with the fire in the distance is welll…:fire:


Worked on CASE III recoveries last night using the quick start mission, Jabbers video, @Chuck_Owl’s guide, and some Buffalo Trace straight Kentucky Bourbon (optional, but highly recommended). Yes, they have buffalo in Kentucky. Seen a small heard in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Unsure if they are indigenous, but I digress. It’s great bourbon.

On the north end of marshall pattern turning back towards push at 25 nm. Yes, a little tight, but what was that about the boat is moving. Next time cheated west a little on the outbound to hit the 030 radial perfectly. As Jabbers said that his SME stated, “just make it work”.

Descending to the begin 12 nm arc to intercept the final approach course (BRC -10). Got a little slow, so probably my descent rate is too low to use the recommended throttle at idle with boards out. Began the turn at 15 nm as recommended to marshall radial + 90 degrees, or 120 and hit the FAC perfectly.

Forgot to call the boat to let them know that I was inbound until way too late in the approach. So, my first one was done without deck lights. Trapped anyway and gave a not so silent but vigorous fist pump to no one in particular. Your first CASE III is pretty thrilling IMO.

Once I figured out the holding pattern at marshall, my biggest challenge was changing the course line to BRC -10 while flying the arc to intercept. Even with the HSI on the left DDI, I went head down a little while to hold my mouse cursor on the switch. Maybe 5 or 6 seconds. In that time I drifted right and descended about 300 feet, so later I created control mappings for both CRS and HDG switches to maintain better maintain SA. And maybe I should call the boat when leaving marshall. That would be a lot easier that dealing with it later in the approach.

You’ll see that I’ve reduced DCS to less than full screen so that I could have a check list on the left and Wags’ cheat diagram on the right. That helped a lot, but in retrospect I could have just made those kneeboard pages. Little steps.


“One mile out… still nothing… still no- OHGEEZTHAT’STHEBOAT.”


In the real world, usually not an issue. You would be part of an event recovery so the lights would be on.

And even if you were coming back as a single, the deck lights would probably be on anyway. You do a lot of maintenance work at night on the flight deck so the nigh-lights are on most of the night.



@franze the third pic with the burners is incredible. Desktop background aacquired :ok_hand:


We need to start having Title Contests … my entry for this is “Mig of the Morning”…maybe “Fulcrum Dawn” :slightly_smiling_face:


That one outpretties almost everything the new Ace Combat game puts out by a fair margin. What wondrous times we live in. Grand shots @Franze!