DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Thanks guys! The MiG-29 is probably my favorite Russian fighter, especially the sleeker 9-12/A model. Perfect for quick flights and checking out my dynamic weather systems.


Actually the same for me. When I’m flying the Russian birds, this is the one I fly the most.



Yep, same here.


I’ve never actually flown it. I really haven’t a clue why… I always gravitate towards the su27 or 33.

I must remedy this odd situation


Brought back some souvenirs from Red force… They didn’t appreciate my flying skills!

They got me the second time around as I tried to land at the FARP. Survived but came in a wee bit short. :frowning_face:


Just dropping off some VIPs.





Changing weather conditions!


Dynamic weather? I’ve made a few decent profiles but haven’t noticed if they change over time.


Yes, it gradually goes from medium winds and rain/snow with cloud cover to clear, usually in 3-4 hours it starts to clear up. Needs a little bit of tweaking still because the winds are a bit higher than I’d like.


The winds are very hard to manage. The only way I’ve been able to keep them under 30kts is by making the low pressure systems relatively small.


The other thing I don’t like about dynamic weather is there is no way to control the cloud base level like you can with static clouds. They appear to be stuck at a default level of around 8000 ft. I’ve tried searching through every Lua and .fx file I could find but haven’t found any way to change it.



Thanks to you guys for getting me PRMG ready and Especially to Sryan for his dedication to getting me landed. This took time but it was really intense. Now to do it in bad weather…

![Screen_190224_175047|690x288](upload://hD6IBxQ![Screen_190224_175056|690x288](upload://lWKHVcDYcDbwbfsYPFegq 6VlfFP.jpeg) 85Al16PubPcdI6frBWRB.jpeg)



This young lady has visited twice to fly DCS. She is a totally natural flier. Last time she was here I gave her a demo and then she took over and flew for a few hours :+1:

Last night she started in the Warthog flying down the Vegas Strip, and then graduated to the Bug in PG! I told her mom that she needs RL pilot lessons.


You can adjust the base in the weather lua a code block with these atttributes is there:

thickness = 6,
density = 5,
base = 6500.0000,
iprecptns = 1,

Thickness - doesn’t have much effect, values of 1-10 seems to work.
Density - small effect, seems to work also on 1-10 but never goes full overcast (seems to be a reported bug). I tried values up to 9999999.
Base - is what it says. The “bulk” of the cloud may be a bit higher, but the very edge of it (which is barely visible) will be at the base. I have had luck with values under 10,000 (haven’t tried higher yet).
iprecptns - Precipitation. 0 clear, 1 rain/snow, 2 thunderstorm (doesn’t seem to work).


I’m going to have to speak with you and figure out how you are setting up your dynamic weather parameters.


I wonder if ED has any plans to make the dynamic weather interface much more flexible and user friendly? I would hope so.


I would too. We are lacking things like humidity and warm/cold fronts. The fact that you have to know to dive into a LUA file, not even know how to edit it - is not a user-friendly experience.

I’ve been commenting my weather LUA as I go so I have notes. It’s weird because it uses all different units.

Radius - Meters
Cloud Base - Feet
System rotation (orientation) - Radians
Pressure difference - Pascals
Base pressure / QNH - TORR