DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Yep. That is exactly why I tend not to deal with LUA if I can help it. I love mucking around with the mission editor but ED does need to smooth that experience somewhat IMHO.


I’ve tried setting the base in the weather Lua file in the past and found it doesn’t have any effect. The bottom of the clouds are still around 8000 ft. I don’t think that setting works unless something has changed.


AKTAS? Anyone? @Troll?


It’s one of the RWR antennas.

I’m not sure I will like the answer, so maybe I shouldn’t ask… But I see you got the gear down. For landing, perhaps?
So…? Did you…?
Land, I mean.


Yes I did…but there was this RNoAF C-130 coming the other way on the runway and…OK, they did say something about not cleared to land because of traffic…and the active was the other end …but in my defense I was practicing how to use the whole TILS system…so…I’m going to blame that one on the RNoAF…don’t tell my wife. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With the exception of being run over by an errant Viking, all my landings were good. :slightly_smiling_face:…my wingman had a good landing on that mission :slightly_smiling_face: but on the next one got bagged by an SA-N-8. :slightly_frowning_face: I had the sound for the EWR turned off so I didn’t hear the threat tones…good thing they weren’t shooting at me.

Actually…I haven’t specifically seen it in the manual. If you land with AFK on and then advance the throttles too far, into AB, does it cancel the thrust reverse? I had 2 x “touch and goes” for that or something like it. The first attempt was a bit long but the second one was pretty good. Both I advanced the throttle too far.

I use an X-52. Just beyond the center detent is where AB 1 kicks in. It is a pretty soft detent and I must have gone over.

I immediately brought it back…nothing…back to idle and then forward again…still nothing…back to AB 3 for the GA. The third time I came in with manual throttle and had a nice landing–reverse thrust worked as advertised. Thoughts?


Some shots from my dynamic weather testing:


Having a bit too much fun flying against Mirage (offline).

Here is “El Bandido”


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I believe he has done a glorious job showing that the people’s aircraft are strong machines capable of withstanding Zionist aggressors. You don’t see fragile capitalist machines making back to base!


As much as I enjoy the Hornet, I always find myself going back to the Harrier to get my naval aviation fix.


What did you do to get the coated bombs?

I know the models are there in the model viewer, but we always get the un-coated variety in game.


I’m using Porco Rosso’s BLU Mk.8x textures. I think they break integrity check though.


Testing some refinements of Offensive Posture. Tonight’s test had me in a Bug on the Stennis, so I elected to start off with DEAD to curb the hostile ADA. An ugly configuration to give me some options with ordnance, though I ended up using the bombs on the contested town in the AO. A pair of Fulcrums gave me some trouble, but I got them both – one AIM-120B kill and one AIM-9M kill. Fortunately I had used my HARMs up, taking out an SA-11 launcher and search radar. Not bad! I dumped my Mk83s on a couple tanks, then returned to the carrier.

Rearmed with four HARMs in hopes of eliminating more SA-11s, but only got two before dealing with two more Fulcrums. Fortunately, both my AMRAAMs went true and I was able to continue with my mission, taking out another SA-11 search radar and launcher. The others wouldn’t play ball so I took my remaining HARMs back to the carrier, but while landing got reports of Fulcrums near the front lines. FARP Warsaw took care of them, no big deal. Third pass, I opt for a real ugly configuration of Mk83, CBU-99, and AGM-65F, but the smattering of forces on the front made it difficult to tell who’s who – and then the craters made finding what was a target and what wasn’t even harder! Took a few passes before I found targets for all my ordnance, which made a hair bit of difference.

So far the mission seems to be shaping up as I desired, with an encouragement of teamwork and reliance on a diverse plane set to accomplish the mission. Designed with the Bug and Harrier in mind, with future expansion to the Turkey, though I have M2k slots in and A-10A/C slots for the CAS mission. Red side unfortunately doesn’t get a real diverse portfolio, with MiG-29A/C, Su-27, and Su-25T. Of course, I like the MiG-29 and Su-25T, but I’m the odd one out.


Last couple of days had the urge to relearn gunnery and BFM in the F-86F Sabre. So I built myself a little mission to have some nice dogfights over the channel.


Finished practicing fueling up the Hog.

From @Franze’s mission testing tonight:

Seems the AI can break the rules a bit…


RedBravo’s screens made me want to revisit the Sabre.


drop dead gorgeous. :love_letter:



Those are some great shots. I am continually amazed at what the engine can do and produce!