DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Look close and you can see the APDS round leaving the barrel in the first shot.


I was hoping to get some landing shots here, but my replay track consistently breaks on descent :frowning:


Some delta wing action tonight, its been a while since I’ve flown the Viggen

About to wake up the neighbors.

On the way to take out a ship trying to unload weapons to terrorists.

This is the part where @Troll gets nervous…

Got it back on the ground… ok fine I blew a tire… but thats fixable!


@Franze’s Offensive Posture which has been running testing on Hollo Pointe North.

My new favorite scenery shot, that I have taken:

Welcome to the warzone.


The Maw of the Beast

My wingman on short final…


я люблю этого зверя. Such a great mod. And it stands to get a whole lot better. They already posted improved cockpit textures. They also acknowledged and are working on the control bindings problems.



Achmed’s gotta go fast!


Point of order…may I safely assume that you can post screen shots of your wingman if you have already been shot down?

My wingman foot to foot with an F-4E and then shooting a KC-135…while I watch from my life raft.

(Note the AB reflection on the tail!)

I’m back in the cockpit…

for a little bit…ran out of gas evading the F-4s and chasing down the KC-135…so this is my reenactment of the “Miracle on the Hudson”–a controlled water landing (note altitude reading).

The jet was sinking fast so I punched out. From my parachute, a last sight of my noble steed as it sank beneath the waves.

The East German markings give a nice worn and used look…


Those are some serious waves down on the water.


Um… @Fridge has been pretty busy rearranging the site today…lots of new categories and threads…I think we may need a “Chuck’s Guide to the Fridge-Rearranged Mudspike”…just a thought. :wink:


He lost a bet to Discobot and had to do the site clean-up…


Just in case anyone didn’t see it. @Fridge became the horseman to avoid the post apocalyptic scenario, otherwise Discobot would have took us all down with him.


@near_blind and @klarsnow headed out for shenanigans


Testing a mission I’ve been working on.



Nice! That is wallpaper material.


Scoot scoot


Lookin good bruv’!


So how do you the Bear to just fly along? Every time I try something like this, the target plane goes into evasive actions like it think’s I’m going to shoot it down. It thinks correctly…but only after I do some formation flying with it.

I’ve tried the ROE option Weapons Hold, but that doesn’t stop a reaction. Do I need to put them both on the same side?