DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



have you tried setting it alarm state green? Or make your own plane “invisible” ?


Nope…I’ll try that…an invisible plane? Like Wonder Woman?


I’ll have to look through the mission file, some times they will do what your talking about and other times they just fly peacefully.


Here’s what I did for my MiG-21 interception video mission with the Su-24:

Su-24’s Advanced Waypoint Options:

  1. ROE = Weapons Hold
  2. Reaction to Threat = No Reaction

RTB trigger after interception:

  1. Trigger zone about 300’ in diameter on the Su-24
  2. Unit inside moving zone --> Flag value 2
  3. Unit inside moving zone --> Time since flag (2, 120) --> AI Task Set: Switch Waypoint

Works every time for me. I’ve got to fly within 150’ or so of the Su-24 for 2 minutes and then he’ll turn away. You can technically cheat since the 2-minute timer doesn’t stop if you leave the 150’ formation zone…my trigger fu isn’t strong enough to figure out how to program that.


I rather like that solution, currently I just have it set Reaction to Threat = Allow Abort Mission, then I escort the offending aircraft out of the airspace.


Very cool! I am also going to work that.

My challenge is the new Mig-19’s radar. Looks like the Mig-21’s radar but more primitive – can only be On for 15 minutes before failure - this includes standby mode. With a search range of only 12 km plus being fairly useless below 2,000 m…a turning and diving target is pretty much impossible to lock up.



Game over! Game over man!


Looks like one of my touch and don’t go’s…


A father son camping trip, Russian style:

Papa Fulcrum teaches Fulcrum Jr. how to cross the street.

He made it ok.

None of this was intentional, just a DCS AI glitch. @Franze cleaned it up with a Harrier gun burst through a cloud, blind.


Some MiG-21 formation takeoff and landing practice with a buddy of mine

As I touch down, my friend realizes he forgot a little something

Another attempt

My friend is unlucky… his left tyre burst while he took off

Still… we land in one piece pretty smoothly

Practicing Night Flying


Me and @Franze up way past our bedtimes…but we’ve got a mission to complete!

@Franze tallies another for his 10+ kill count.



While you guys fumble around in the tomcat Wednesday, I’ll be ready with the MiG-28!! Worked on diamond formation flying for maximum radar screen fooling.

Obligatory Harrier shenanigans. She has developed quite a few warts with the last update, hope they are addressed soon.


I’m preparing to farm some kitty tears lol. Not even grumman steel can stand up to 30mm bullets of righteous workers’ anger.


especially not when its flying like the AI flight model. Should be a little more fair when you can actually stall it.


We’ll see about that :salute: :cccp:


That shot of the Harrier parked at the intersection made me think of True Lies.

Ooh, we need a Miami/ Cuba/ Florida Keys map.



After dropping some bombs on the makeshift airfield down below. For some reason my bombs hit target but did not explode. I’m doing something wrong obviously.