DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Well, CBUs won’t go off if dropped to low. Could that be it?

I was dropping some RE from the bug tonight. Had an almost perfect CCIP aim. The split second before I hit the pickle I got the pull up X - it didn’t go high order.


I was actually using Mk-82 dumb bombs. Saw them hit the ground next to targets but no explosions. Will have to read up on bomb dropping in the F-5 plus watch other’s videos.


Set fuaes to arm


…or there’s that :rofl: …if I had a Mudspike point for every time I forget o arm the bombs…


Seriously? No one is doing this yet?

Let’s help out those who can’t check it out yet!






Its here…


New bunker buster to play with :wink:



First mission! Auto wing sweep was not working so went with manual control the entire flight. Takeoff, refuel, splash two Fulcrums, and three wire first landing!

Now watch me suck for the rest of the day!


Trying to get a coherent CVW on deck but it’s nearly impossible save for a couple. You either have all the Tomcat skins you need, but none of the Hornet skins. Or you have all the Hornet skins you need, but none of the Tomcat skins. Or you have all of the Hornet skins and Tomcat skins but none of the E-2 skins. Or you have all the right skins but the Hornet’s tail code is wrong.


Red Sky –

Here is @Victork2 in his F-14B!

AIM-54 tracking!

Fast pass

@Dark_Star doing some SEAD -

F-14 startup with @Franze and @Wes

With @fearlessfrog as GIB -


@Wes trying to get gas for the first time. Learning a new aircraft can be quite a challenge, especially when the tanker is always retracting the hose!


I didn’t realize the colors matched so well until I got up next to him.


Gosh I love the Jolly Roger livery…


This time the Dbacks


Did they include the Swordsmen? Can’t do an accurate Mig-23 shoot down with out VF-32! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am particularly fond of that screenshot of Commander Kelley looking back over his left shoulder. Very cool pic!