DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)

you. should. get. it. no really. it’s good enough. you will like it. And yes there’s a swordsmen livery.

I have a very selfish reason to want you to buy it: I want your seastories about it and hope you use your experiences to write scenarios with/for it.

So please sir, get it.



Yup and @fearlessfrog was flying in the back of the VF-32 skin I picked last night!


My first proper flight in the beast. had a fantastic time ROARING across Caucasus.
Ive set up my vr a little better so i can see things easier and i really enjoyed this flight because of the lack of problems this caused.
still havent fired any weapons or anything just enjoying playing in my favourite fighter of all time.
Beautiful. love it. might not fly anything else for a long time (except the sabre, we’re buds for life)

did 3 touch and go’s and i am very happy with its circuit behavior, just fly her on rudder for a nice calm circuit.

ran out of fuel and flamed out on the downwind of the 3rd pass and still had enough energy to float gently to a stop and roll out to the turning area.

what a lovely machine. I knew she would be a peach even as a kid


I tried one of the single missions, Tomcat Bear Intercept and took a few shots. @Hangar200, this one is for you!

Scramble to intercept an incoming Bear, but don’t shoot unless he indicates hostile action. Classic Turkey mission!

Climb to target was uneventful, though I was a bit excessive with the throttle as I wanted to intercept the Bear ASAP. They can throw out a lot of ASMs in a hurry and I wasn’t about to let that happen on my watch! My wingman struggled to keep up.

That’s a Bear, alright! Had my RIO lock him up, prepped weapons, but kept the safe on.

I’m going to invest in some hearing aid companies in Russia. I’m certain those comrades are going to be deaf after their service is up! Flew in formation, had the gun selected in case they had too much vodka.

Glamour shot!

Felt that Ivan deserved a bit of a show, flew to his right side and did some barrel rolls. I don’t think they’d be familiar with Starfox! (anachronism stew)

They show off on their own and pull hard to the starboard and I have to hit the brakes and jerk the stick to just barely miss their tail. Yeah, right, show the Americanski how to fly! I lag behind them from this point as they use delta wood engines to accelerate out of range above me, so I hang back to get some speed.

My wingman calls bingo so I tell him to hit the tanker, then he flounders. The hell? Eventually he screams ejecting, so I guess he’ll be flying something nondescript out of Hong Kong soon.

And just like that, my fun with Ivan is over. Weapons to standby, back to cruise, and on my way back to the boat.

Had to make a couple passes this time around and caught the 1 wire. Oh well. At least my RIO didn’t make any cheeky comments.

Analysis: if you’re having trouble with aerial refueling or formation flying, I’d recommend this mission. Keeping pace with the Bear and watching it is good to get acclimatized with handling at lower speeds and in proximity to large aircraft and doing so over a relatively long period of time. I’m not sure if the Bear actually engages if you don’t watch him, but it was a good learning experience.


that closeup of you and the Bear is my new Desktop. nice one


When I saw that, that was the moment I realized Heatblur raised the bar to the Karman line.


Yep, the last two days I’ve snagged several new desktop wallpapers! :upside_down_face:

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A Nice F-15C picture, for your desktop!

Offensive Posture looking nice, near overcast in some areas, 6:00PM mission time approx.

Tomcat Time - The only time I held the basket.

Pilot Selfie!

Rio Selfie!

Flew with @Franze in @WreckingCrew’s Red Sky. We did well, first run was 5 aircraft each.
We saved the carrier, but working hard always bites you in the butt.

I was stuck to the wire, it reeled me back and just as I thought it might free me finally, WHAM!

@Franze comes in to the boat - LSO Camera is pretty cool!


It’s that famous S-3 afterburner the Fighter Pilot Podcast was talking about! :rofl:

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Who can tell me what’s going in this picture?


Tanked framerates?


Frame rates were actually solid across the board. A bit of network lag towards the end of the climax, but not so much as you’d expect.

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You WOT mate?!


We spend our INS alignment time by watching the F-14 from the rear so that the camera is just looking over the RIO’s shoulder as he quickly snaps his view back and says “BOY, WHAT YOU DOIN’!?” :grin:


A target rich environment?

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“I told you not to raise the gear yet!”

“Stop eating potato chips in my jet!”


That aint potato chips man, mav only eats cheetos.

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LOL. That’s what the rear passenger side window looks like in my truck, where my 7 year old son sits!