DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)

:cccp: Comrades! The capitalists, imperialists are once again antagonizing the peace loving peoples of Mother Russia. Since Wednesday there has been a dramatic rise in the intercepts of glorious people’s Tu-95 and Tu-142 bombers by air pirate F-14s. The cannot be allowed to stand.

Until further notice these proud bombers will be escorted by our brave Mig fighter pilots. Here are some photos of the defense of the bombers from the imperialist bourgeois and their running dog lackeys!


High in the groove, but 3 wire so… Pass-fail? Fail-pass? :grimacing:

These expensive screenshots cost 1 Tomcat to get. RIP my airframe, you flatspinned like a champ!
@Franze refuels errrrrr…improperly.

While he did this, I set the altitude hold autopilot. I came back to my aircraft at 27,000ft stalling at extreme AoA (it was at full military power) and starting to nose down. The right wing dipped, inducing some momentum in the yaw axis and then it was all over. Nose came up, aircraft “snapped” into the spin and despite using counter active rudder and thrust, plus pulling the wings back - I could not get it out. Getting close the ground, I thought I was close to recovering but Jester punched out - the canopy came off so I hit my command too - but I am not sure if I triggered my seat or he did.

Oddly enough, the other day @Franze TRIED many ways to induce the spin, and it just would not happen…


That second screenshot is epic!

More from tonight:

Mission complete, @Franze & Chester long to be back out there, in the blue skies above.


@Wes easily getting gas in the Bug after the Turkey honed his skills!


:couplekiss_man_man: :two_men_holding_hands: :point_right::point_left:
if you get my drift


Hey, I will always respect all types of AAR.
Plus it’s Navy people we’re talking about.
Nothing really new.



I’ve learnt to use the Sidewinders. And kinda sorta the gun but my gunnery is deplorable at the moment.


Time to evade and escape!


I’d say OK 3 Wire. At worst a FAIR pass.

The possible grades:
Possible grades:

  • “OK Underline” – a perfect pass, generally under unfavorable circumstances. Naval Aviators often have hundreds of carrier landings without ever receiving this grade. Worth 5 points.
  • “OK” – a pass with only very minor deviations from centerline, glideslope and angle of attack. Worth 4 points.
  • “Fair” – a pass with one or more safe deviations and appropriate corrections. Worth 3 points.
  • Bolter” - a safe pass where the hook is down and the aircraft does not stop. Worth 2.5 point, but counts against pilot/squadron/wing “boarding rate”[ jargon ].
  • “No Grade” – a pass with gross (but still safe) deviations or inappropriate corrections. Failure to respond to LSO calls will often result in this grade. Worth 2 points.
  • “Technique Waveoff” – a pass with deviations from centerline, glideslope and/or angle of attack that are unsafe and need to be aborted. Worth 1 point.
  • “Cut Pass” – an unsafe pass with unacceptable deviations, typically after a wave off is possible. Worth zero points.
  • “Foul Deck Waveoff” – a pass that was aborted due to the landing area being fouled. No points are assigned and the pass is not counted toward the pilots landing grade average.

Copy. Breaking open the Evasion Area package…your primary safe area is…

…and no using your Blood Chit for gambling!



Gerat graphics! What kind card do you have? :hushed:

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Gforce f111x titan


He’s got 111gb of ram too


And 111 keys on his KB.



When dogfighting a MiG-29 AI, here’s a little safety tip: don’t. But guess what the Turkey can do that the Fulcrum can’t?

That’s right. Run. To defeat the Fulcrum in a gunzo fight, I simply refused to play the rate game. Instead, I put the throttles all the way forward, then went into a gradual climb and retained my speed, going all the way to 40,000ft in a long, lazy loop. Missile bait, you say? Sure, probably. But in a gunzo fight… He burned up all his energy and couldn’t follow me, allowing me to basically loop around indefinitely until I finally clipped him. Even if he had a R-60 or R-73, he would have been at my mercy because he just couldn’t get a good aspect on me. It’s just like playing the Fw-190 in IL2!


I thought your were going to say, “Pop the speedbrake and let 'em fly right by.”

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No, after I nailed him I said “Fighter pukes make movies, bomber pilots make history!” :sunglasses:

I feel it’s worth noting that losing speed/energy is not what you want to do in the Turkey. Stay fast and keep it there and don’t let anyone do otherwise. You got the gas and the speed, most everything else doesn’t.