DCS 2.5.x videos



No, no driving license yet.


Love me some trailers… also did I spot an updated model for the SU-34!?







I made a video instead of sleeping, silly me :sweat_smile:


Your time was well spent. You can sleep when you are dead. AWESOME video!


Ahah, true that!
And the least I sleep, the quicker I’ll die! Everybody wins :smile:



You’ve definitely got some movie chops EightBall. Outstanding.


Thanks a lot @chipwich :blush:

Great vid Mbot! Isn’t it the the most entertaining thing to do? I mean, people keep saying they want a TPOD and smart weapons but this kind of run with dumb bombs can be so intense!


Absolutely. These stick-and-rudder attacks are so much more satisfying, especially when overcoming defenses, than those bore standoff and “SEAD would have should have cleared all threats first” tactics. Simulated fun ended after simulated 1991 :slight_smile:

This is the only thing that is even better:

Once I get my F-4E, this all I am going to do all day long :slight_smile:


Ahah, after watching your first vid I thought to myself: “I’m surprised he didn’t use the F-5” :smile:
My hat to you, beautifully executed!


How do you recognize your pop-up point in the Tiger?


Map recon during flight planning. You can notice that before the pop-up point I keep looking to the right. There is a road leading into a salt lake, the center of which is my PUP.



Nice stick EightBall.


thanks :slight_smile:


DCS has really come a long way with respect to visual and sound quality.


Some tactically unwise helicopter flying on my part (PG Instant Action - easy):


Remember, the idea is to not get hit, not to provide a rotary wing target backstop with squishy, pink, red filling!