DCS 2.5.x videos




Randall Munroe went to Christopher Newport University for college.

You can definitely tell he spent some time around sailors.


But I need them to know it is personal, see. I’m only happy if they can see their reflection on my mirrored aviators as the miniguns sing.

Besides, gets awfully hot in the cockpit so a bit of ventilation is welcome. My ground crew loves me…



True story: in Vietnam, my uncle got to do a ride along in one of the UH-1s he worked on (aircraft electronics tech). While flying around, they got shot at, took a few hits, then returned to base. On inspection, they found the rotor blades hanging by a thread due to the damage they took. My uncle refused to fly after that.


C-101CC SEAD - it’s an exciting, but short career path…


LOL! I see you go into combat with your lights on. Nothing like signalling to the ENY where you are. :smile:


It’s SEAD man…I want them to shoot at me. Four missiles and he was mine!! Muahahaha…I dropped a rocket flare on him and set off his standby magazine…uh…yeah…


So how are you liking that C-101?


One of my favorite modules in DCS World now. I like its simplicity and light COIN type ability. I like it in VR due to the really clear cockpit with lots of big letters… It took a long time, but this module is really nice now.


Is that SA bugged? It’s like the lead distance is out the same wrong way each time (not saying it wasn’t your beautiful beaming :slight_smile: just wondering).


No…because it hit me a bunch of times too…LOL…



Now try that in a CEII :man_pilot: Get a buddy in a P-51 to stand off while you run the launchers dry to gun down the launchers.



Outstanding! The only thing about that vid that could be better is if Crash Laobi voiced it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d bring a bowl of popcorn and a beer for that!


Beautiful video and flying in DCS by Xstounds.


Interesting and new place to use the new Eagle module.


Holy crap! :astonished:
I wonder how many attempts that guy needed…


I knew the tunnel was there but I’ve never suspected one could actually enter the thing let alone fly through it. DCS, always surprising us in so many ways. :slight_smile: