DCS 2.5.x videos



I didn’t know that either, until I saw someone hovering a Harrier through it, a few months ago.


Actually using slow-down time function while you fly, you could record a track and then play it at normal speed giving you god-like reflexes. Tried it flying Harrier through the tunnel. It’s still hard though.


I’ll just leave this here…


Getting “Death Star Tunnel Run” vibes here… :thinking:


The only questions I ever have about videos like this are…how the heck to people get replay tracks to play correctly without messing up?? Mine never work…


THANK YOU! Of course! :salute:
I tried it in the C-101… Eh, nah, let’s try that in the CEII. That didn’t get me more than perhaps halfway.


I have pretty much the same experience. Now IL-2BOX flight sim’s replay system is flawless. Beautiful to work with.


Got to tinkering with OBS and Adobe Premiere after having not touched a video editor in years.
Here’s a couple HARM shots and testing out getting a airborne FAC to work in an A-10C.

Next time me, @Franze, @Dark_Star & @WreckingCrew are flying I’ll see about recording it.
We’ve had some really good mission runs lately that really make a good case for why multiplayer my favorite part of the sim.


Very nice Wes! I like the addition of the JTAC you made to the Nuke Plant mission.


@WreckingCrew does the server keep multiplayer tracks? I took a look at a few I had and they were corrupt, but I was wondering if maybe the server had better quality/unbroken tracks.


So Wes, in this JTAC support video - the A-10C is a JTAC AI aircraft? And it does the lasing for your F/A-18’s GBU-16, and all of the commo from the JTAC is automatic?

And can the Predator or Reaper do this JTAC, too?


Steve to answer your questions:

The A10C is the JTAC, he is circling at 26,000ft above Nukes 3 & 4 and provides the laser. I set him to only laze the units at those two sites so that I could simply drop my bombs on the waypoints since we don’t have a pod yet in the Hornet. It’s a “close enough” release to catch the laser.

The dialogue is all automatic, which some menu inputs (which are hidden behind my webcam image) - you click the prompts to read back, announce position at IP, request laser, call laser as spotted, and running in.

The predator and reaper drones are also valid - I was using a reaper until I found out that despite the listed cruising altitude of 25,000ft - the AI would only fly at 21,000ft max and get shot down by the SA-15.


More like Ace Combat 4, final mission for me. :sunglasses:


Having Descent II flashbacks! :anguished:


Along with the associated nausea?


I never got nausea…just frustrated because with the 360 all around-ness, sometimes you did recognize Panarea where you had already been.

Related story

My lovely bride however, gets nauseous playing any FPS. We set up a MP on the home LAN. She was kicking my butt!

[Insert wavy / blurry picture and the weird music / sound effects for going back in time/remembering scene]

Wife - Oooh! I just saw you run by…there you are!
[zap sound of a rail gun firing]
Me - Hey!…where…
[zap sound of a rail gun firing] - I am dead again

…a few minutes, and several respawns later…

Wife - Oh…Oh…I feel sick
(Throws herself from cairn’s and lies on the floor clutching her stomach)
Wife - [moan]
Me - [Laughter]…oh! You’re one of them! [More Laughter]
Wife - [through clenched teeth] One of who?!
Me - (gasp for air) One of those people that get sick playing first person shooters! [And Still More Laughter]
Wife - What?! You knew this could happen and you didn’t warn me??!!
Me - [no longer laughing] Um…no?


My mother was one of those and my father said he had problems with a lot of the flight simulators due to how the FOV was presented. If you were part of a generation that got acclimatized to seeing things like this on a screen, it’s no problem. But if you aren’t used to it, well… :grimacing:


And that, kids, that’s how I ended up losing my kneecaps…


Well tonight’s flight with @Franze and @WreckingCrew went well and I got some videos from our first flight which included some losses, which I will look at possibly editing into some shorter clips.

Fortunately, I accidentally hit “stream” not “record” on our second, more successful sortie.
So the video is already uploaded to Twitch, and I have made some highlights:


That was fun to watch. Nicely done. Great communication.