DCS 2.5.x videos



Awesome videos! Gutted I missed joining in. Maybe next time :blush:


I always enjoy this person’s DCS works of art. They do such a nice job with visuals and presentation etc. Would love to find out how they get certain camera angels and such.


One of the latest DCS F-14 videos.


I know it’s a video for a DCS sale, but what a hype video!


Just followed you on Twitch.


Wow…just watched the video! The competition to get to the DCS Sale is intense!!! :open_mouth:

OK…and the choices are [drum roll]

RAZBAM Mig-19 (…too soon? :wink:)


Normandy Map
F-86 Saber









I say Normandy map and F-86F. The Normandy map really goes well with the Korea era jets. That is why I bought it so I have a place to immerse myself when flying the Korean era jets. As you are aware, the airfields, cities and villages etc. are pretty close to the time period of the Korean War itself in terms of look, feel, architecture etc. providing you have an imagine to pretend there is a war going on in Europe during that time period. :slight_smile:

Again, the map and those planes go really well together, at least until we possibly get an actual Korea map.


I bought the sabre! Not too bothered about the Normandy map as I seem to always end up on caucasus or PG. even NTTR hardly gets played on now I got PG a few weeks ago.

Looking forward to trying the sabre. It’s always been a favourite since I saw that and a mig 15 fly together at duxford.
should be a nice change of pace for me :blush:


For something fun to do with it - you might want to consider picking up The Museum Relic. I flew it in the MiG-15, but I think you can use the Sabre as well. I think it is only $5 right now…



Ooooh! Thats interesting I thought that was a mig campaign only!

I’m definitely gonna buy that in that case thanks @BeachAV8R :+1::+1:

**EDIT : got 2 f15c campaigns as well. Enough to keep me busy till tomcat come out AT THE END OF THE MONTH!! :joy:


Museum relic is at least as much fun in the MiG. You have something to celebrate, treat yourself to cyka blyat guns!


So I’m settling in on the Saber, and I decide to check out Chucks guide. As I’m looking at the cockpit descriptions I’m starting to get a sort of déjà vu feeling… “Say…I think I’ve seen this before…” Then I remember that for a couple of years I’ve had the MILVIZ Saber… :roll_eyes:



Trust me it’s AWESOME! the whine at takeoff with engine flat out and brakes on its addictive. I’d love to fly with you sometime. I’m sure it would be great fun

Plus we could gang up on the commie sympathiser @schurem :joy:


LOL! If @schurem needs in a wingman in the Mig-15Bis, I’ll be there. :slight_smile:


The Mudspike version of the Hatfields versus the McCoys… :joy:


The Comrades versus the Hot Dogs and Apple Pies



Borscht vs Hamburgers