DCS 2.5.x videos




nice Slovak skins there :+1:


I haven’t made a good cinematic in a while, but hopped online for the first time and filmed that instead:


Awesome Video.


What am I missing - in the initial scene the Mig is sitting there without the pilot and the boarding ladder in place…how do you do that?

I learned that before the LN Mig-21bis, the AI Mig-21s had boarding ladders-but that went away when the flyable Fishbed came on line.


Must have Harrier! Must have now!

The best line was the laconic, “Is the Hornet on my six up on radio?” With my luck I would have mis-ID’d it as a Fulcrum and pulled a breaking Split-S into the dirt.


For the ladders on the MiG-21 I placed it as an uncontrolled AI on the ramp. The side numbers I used on the MiGs are museum pieces in Finland :smiley:

And the Harrier is great fun despite it’s short legs, light payload, and slight bugs. I like making jaws drop with a crosswind RVL.


Hence my fruitless searches in the manual. :laughing:

That is a great video. No words but it tells a nice story!


The harrier and the sabre have MADE this sim for me. I’m looking forward to the turkey but because of the harrier and the amount of stuff it can do and the fun it is I honestly don’t NEED the tomcat like I thought I did. I really think it is something special.
Same with the sabre. It’s a gorgeous and friendly machine that just makes flying in dcs a complete joy. I do fly the su27 and 33 a fair bit online but I really think the harrier and the sabre are the best planes I own. So much fun to start the harrier. Full throttle…brakes on… And leap of the Tarawa vertically. Never gets old. If your on the fence about it I urge you to do it.
seeing @franze DOMINATING red ground forces is a sight to behold as well. But don’t tell him that lol


Harrier is loads of fun, even though a bit buggy. The new Betty sounds are a bit messed up with the newest open beta, though. Speaking of, a couple more MP videos.



AWESOME! Great video.

Where did you get the music?

How do you do the radio effect voices?

At about 4:52 what the AIM-9 missed that Hornet needed to select zone 5, extend and love to fight another day. I was like “Run you fool!” really get into these videos.


I really enjoyed this video. Great production value.

I wasn’t expecting it to end that way. Very cool ending. Thanks👍


You’ll have to ask the guy who actually made this movie. I did not make it, just thought it was so good I would share it here.


An older video but very nicely done.


I am totally blown away by this. It looks like a crazy amount of fantasy fun lol


Holy crap, this looks amazing- those crazy French. This is almost insanely sadistic enough to be something @near_blind would think up.


That arrival scene… got some Rogue One vibes.


Especially if you could understand what they were yelling on the radio.


That’s pretty awesome. Now, please let’s recreate the Hoth assault!