DCS 2.5.x videos



Damage model on that star destroyer is better than some of the third party modules


I’ll keep an eye out for a release, the person creating it says they are waiting to get some rebel ships done and then they will release.


Flight models like a tie fighter! Love the cockpit view as well.

Seeing this makes me wonder if there is an Independence Day DCS mod - ‘Hey boys, I’m baaaacckk!’ :slight_smile:


there is one, I think they had a big online battle this summer on July 4th.




Ah - there it is. Discobot remembers more things than I can ever forget…


RedKite’s latest vid. Pure awesomeness.


HB’s sound design is truly fantastic.

I think that was the first decent carrier landing I have seen in the F-14 pre-release video circus :slight_smile:


I think that’s the best F-14 pre-release video I’ve seen yet.


Except for the part where he extends the gear at ~480 kts IAS, down to the deck was good, though.


More Scooter time.


A related question. For a couple of years I have been using Action to record screen video in FSX. It works pretty well. I tried it with DCS. It also works well but leaves a translucent rectangle where the Action data is displayed (upper right) when in use.

Anybody else have this issue?


It actually was 0.48 Mach (which equals to roughly 300kts), the otuer scale ends @200kts and after that it displays Mach, the inner scale displays kts.


And so it begins …



And one more more because reasons:



Actually I think that s a Mig-28…:wink:


Just a lot of fun to watch. Redkite really does a nice job in showing how much fun DCS can be with multiplayer multi-crew.