(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice



Mmmmmmm Bork Bork.


ooh exciting news!


Well the goodness keeps on good-en-ing (yeah I made that up).

As well as the previous update of roadside farps (as above) there are now sporadic sam sites that can be captured as well.

Buddyspike team are working great on updating the features.

Now I know @near_blind and @klarsnow want to be communist red forces :stuck_out_tongue:


You understand they don’t have any F-111s either, right?


God help the west if they did


Dirty western dogs !!!

Yep that’s right. Its time to defect !!

Pick up your red star, jump into a sexy looking aircraft with a very confusing cockpit and do the Ruskies PROUD.

Today I think some ninja tactics are in order. Looooong ingress and well into enemy territory.

More to come


Starting off at Krymsk I decided to lone wolf it. A few players on and more on the enemy capitalist handbag swinger side.

Whilst I was up north my team were attacking a distant farp a long way away. I put some money on a bet that that would have the enemy interest and hopefully I could use Ka-50 ninja tactics and infiltrate a target.

I decided to go for Sochi airbase. Being lone wolf I knew I couldn’t capture the airfield. But I could damage it quite well and my attack on Sochi would hopefully divert attention from my team. For this mission, I have chosen 2 racks of vihkers and 2 external fuel tanks with full gun ammo and internal fuel.

So I trundled off in the general direction of Sochi getting re-acquainted with the Sharks handling.

After a bit of fun its time to decide how to handle this mission. Pulling into a low hover its time to set a waypoint for sochi.
I decided to use the PVI 800 (is it the PVI 800 - its been so long, I have forgotten what its called.)

With that I watch the range to waypoint spiral out of control and settle on 199 kilometres away. This is going to be a long flight through enemy territory.

Travelling whilst deep in friendly territory offers more protection but you can’t be guaranteed there is no opposition sneaking about. Especially as I have no RWR.

Approaching the front line. My tactic is to stay in the mountains using the terrain for cover.
Getting close to the front lines now and I pass a friendly farp on the coast. This is a very long flight, so I choose the farp as the end point. I am sure I don’t have enough fuel to make it all the way back to krymsk.

Getting close to target now. I have been unopposed. I am well within detection range of their radars so I decide to fly low and keep to the valleys. There is a nice hill overlooking Sochi which will provide nice cover from radar and enemy sams.

Spying over the top of the mountain I am just outside of Vihker range. I need to crest the mounting to another small hill a kilometre away towards the enemy airfield. I hug the ground and hover crawl down the side of the mountain hoping I am not detected.

Miraculously the airbase seems quiet and I make my vantage point at the crest of the next hill. Here I pick a nice gap between trees and start acquiring and hitting targets.

The vihkers are set to manual fire mode to maximise the range. Scouting around, a cheeky armoured target that needs to be eradicated.

There are also some bunkers here. 2 vihkers each on these should do the trick and so the vihkers are set to fire in salvo.

The enemy definitely know of my presence here as I am sure they are receiving radio chatter of my attack. Whilst my vantage position is well concealed, a lot of the target is obscured by terrain. I have depleted a lot of enemy assets though and I am down to 2 vihkers left.
But what is this. An a-10 appears on the ramp. I watch carefully to see what it is doing. I notice the stores loading on its underside. I can’t let it take off.

I wait for a bit. wondering if it has spawned in to see what is attacking the base. But I know it can’t see me. I want to wait until its moving to demoralise it as best as possible, by my itchy trigger finger gets the better of me. I launch a vihker and it strikes the ground near the aircraft inflicting some damage.
The pilot now realises what is happening and tries to make a run for it.
Down to my last vihker, I set it on its way hoping the a-10 doesn’t exceed max range before the missile hits.

Its a long flight time but the missile tracks well the target for a satisfying hit on its rear. You can see the missile approaching from the left of the tail.

Egressing quickly as the proverbial hornets nest has been well and truly stirred. I spin the shark round and at max speed I leg it out of there as close to the ground as possible. I make it back to the farp uncontested with only a quarter of internal fuel left after expending all of the external drop tanks.

What a great flight, what a great server, and what fun the Black shark is.
Thanks DCS. The flight to target was just as much fun as the fireworks.


Nicely done @Bogusheadbox! Great read!


Dang…what a great story…and a successful mission! Good kill on the A-10…and it is always satisfying to get some kills when you’ve flown so far. Nice! I was flying with @EinsteinEP last night and we did just a two-ship tour of Normandy in Ka-50s…and I remarked that it is still my favorite module after all these years.


Re: @EinsteinEP, any chance he’ll grace this forum again someday?


Probably best not to pressure the subject.


What a wonderful story bogus!

Reminds of me time a few months back where the enemies had a airbase operational relatively close to my side. I was in the gazelle and I figured I’d try and harras the FARP to knock down the enemy ability to get ground assets out.

I was obviously being sneaky and scout-y. and as I just had caressed myself between two hills I noticed mirages moving about looking for me and a Huey and Shark moving about. unfortunately I couldn’t hit them soon enough but I dropped the helo down, got the IGLA crew down and tried to tail it outta there. Didn’t make it due to horrendous frame lag at one point but damn that was exciting!


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We’ll see… :wink:


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Update to DCS today hopefully that means blue flag will be up and running some point this week.


That’s good news…


Great news! “Through the Inferno” is fun but player v player takes it to another level.