(and for the VR folks)

Ditto! Ditto!


The JHMCS over the right eye only is how it is in real life. So it wont change, ED is discussing if it would be better to add an option for both for those that maybe have vision issues.


This is why the ultimate Bug air-air weapon is now a grease pencil and the M61A1.

They say Franze not very smart. Maybe. Maybe. But I’ve yet to meet man that can outsmart boolet.

I think this is a case where an acceptable break from reality should be considered, given current hardware and limitations. Further, it also seems to be an artificial difficulty cap for those using VR, as compared to those using 2D.


Especially since it isn’t quite the same effect as in real life. Having such a display only in one eye does not feel that bad. Because it works differently.


Wondering if there’s a config line somewhere to tinker with…


Man, it’s so rewarding pressing the trigger and watching MAVs go kill tanks. Especially after spending more than a week practicing on how to kill them with Mk-82s… I liked the JTAC chatter a lot, makes me want to spend more time learning the navigation modes for zulu time, so I can check in at the correct minute.

“Stay safe down there.” - It’s the little things…


That seems like an effort for realism, that actually ends up becoming unrealistic. It is indeed just presented on the right eye, IRL. But, IRL, this doesn’t cause nausea and uncomfort, as it does in VR.
But I am confident ED will find a way to solve this.


Or you could do as this DCS Hornet driver is doing…

…just say’n :yum:


I get the impression that the wife might, just might, not approve.


Wags likes VR. Wags, like everyone else, would puke his Wheeties all over his lap if he tried the JHMS in VR for any length of time. It will change.

Afterall, most real F-18 pilots do not possess 10x naked-eye zoom capibilities, but every DCS player does.

My money says two more months.


Ah…Blow Chunks AromaRealism™ - coming soon to a module near you. Bonus scent package includes 100LL, Ozonium, and the Forgotten Lady-J Under the Seat…


As a side note, this does make me wonder how people would feel in VR with the IHADSS system, especially with PNVS on. It takes some learning, but one of the touted benefits is being able to use information from the right eye in conjunction with information in the left eye. If you can get used to the “stretch your eyeball out 3 meters in front of your face” bit.



How to load and use the IR Maverick (AGM-65G).


Yup, that works just fine. Don’t forget to uncomment them for both inners and outers. They lock, fire and guide just fine. The only thing they lack is any TDC control after ground stabilisation. So for now the procedure is to uncage, cage again, uncage until proper lock and then fire.

The location of the file is : \DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\FA-18C\FA-18C.lua


This was a cute thing for me to write. But when I wrote it, I had not yet tried the HMS. Well now I have tried it and, to be honest, it doesn’t bother me at all. I do wish I could set it so that it blanks when looking at the HUD and Panel. (Falcon BMS had that IIRC).


We’ve been listening, and in one of the next updates we’ll be providing the ability to show the JHMCS projection on the left, right, or both eyes when in VR.

While the left and both eye options are not realistic, we are making this available in the Hornet Options / Special tab for those that wish to use this.

Additionally, a lot of work is now focused on the Datalink / SA page. The first big step is creating the two MIDS radios and their interfaces / functions.


Sweeeet! :slight_smile:




Cannot ask for better responsiveness than that. Listened, evaluated, and put into pipeline.