2 questions:

  1. How are you getting actual useful tracking info in the upper right of the screen.
  2. At the mid left of the screen, why is the hornet telling you you have email?


Question, if there were allied/friendly airfields in the area, would the preferred procedure be to alt to them? I imagine it makes more sense to head to one of the international fields, assuming your mission takes you around the straights narrowest point.


So, IRL what happens with a fowled deck? Do the birds in the pattern alt to another carrier in the BG?


1 - EWR script on the Through the Inferno server I think, mentioned here (which is how I remember it :slight_smile:) - DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!

2 - Bogus still has an ICQ subscription, so insists on a Hornet integration. (it’s the ‘folded up’ chat lines from DCS, I think you use Shift-Tab to cycle how the chat/notification are disabled in DCS).


That’s a script, EWRS and I think that’s the Through the Inferno server, has a script that tells you when/where/etc enemy aircraft are. Multiplayer so the little message icon means new text message(s).

That’s normally SOP, yes, but sometimes there are no friendly airfields to divert to.

@Hangar200 can answer better than I can but normally they hold over the carrier and wait, as they usually have gas to do so as well as tanker support.


Do you know if the A/A TACAN in a flight of Hornets is supported in real life and in the Sim?

I can remember you could use it in the F-5 for DME to your flight lead by offsetting by 63 channels.


In our next Open Beta, we plan to include the radar ACM mode for the JHMCS and its associated data on the HMD. When viewed outside the cockpit/HUD and pressing forward on the Sensor Control switch, the helmet enters HACQ mode (noted by the dashed reticle). You can think of it as radar boresight mode where the helmet controls the radar search line of sight. Pressing forward more than 800 ms on the Sensor Control switch changes from HACQ 5 nm mile acquisition to LACQ 10 nm acquisition. By moving your FoV to place the HACQ/LACQ dashed-reticle over a target, the radar will lock it up, as long as the target is within radar gimbal limits and the range mode (HACQ/LACQ).

Have fun!


Ohhh my, that has brought back memories


Maybe; should be but stuff happens. A while back I posted about a bad night on CV-67 in 1987. Short version: Bad weather/heavily pitching deck; landing accident clobbered the deck while fires were put out and all the FOD was cleared; F-14 got two looks #1 a pitching deck wave off #2 a hook skip bolter; he hit two tankers - both sour; they rigged the barricade and caught him with less that 1000 lbs in the tanks. As I said, it was a bad night…could have been worse, nobody got killed.

Yes there are. In fact as an Ensign I made the air wing’s kneeboard Divert Field Guide for the Med. :sunglasses: That said, there are instances when diverts are not available. When the ship is too far from any land, we conduct “Blue Water” flight ops (so named because that far out the ocean is really really blue). There are different fuel and tanker considerations. Other times, like the above incident - a combination of distance and divert airfields that are “socked in” for weather. If all the close diverts are closed, and the ones farther away are too far away…you get the picture.

Normally damaged planes land last for that very reason. In combat…If they cannot wait…it depends…

Basically that is why we have “Tilley”, the big yellow crash & salvage crane vehicle parked behind the island on every carrier. Let the aircrew climb out, then pick up the jet with Tilley and drop it over the side. In the real world that would take at least 5 minutes…more like 10-15. In the DCS world I imagine a 5 minute “wait” for a green deck would give you the spirit of the evolution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes to both. We do it all the time in multiplayer missions for range to flight lead.


This is a very basic look at the infrared-guided version of the Maverick. Later, a complete academic video will be provided.


Very jummy, thanks!


Looks awesome! No range info available through this mode though?


Nice to see the pace of updates increasing! Shouldn’t the cross stabilise before pickle though?


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Case I Carrier Landing Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of 1 of 12 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet in November 2018.


Hey @NineLine I am thankful today for all the updates, and the effort that goes into them. It’s a sea change from years ago and it is now almost as much fun to follow where DCS is going as it is to fly it.

Thanks for coming over and keeping us informed.


On the last beta, I see on mission editor the F/A-18C we can load GBU-10/12/16 and use the Hornet as a “Bomb Truck”, the bad part has, the JTAC not lase and cant guide the bombs, only can make bombing as a “iron” bomb.

Video (sorry, on Spanish), minute 1:09:09


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Air-to-Air Gun Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of 1 of 12 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet in November 2018.


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DCS: F/A-18C Hornet AIM-9L/M Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of 1 of 12 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet in November 2018.