DCS: F/A-18C Hornet AIM-120B/C Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of 1 of 13 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet on 5 December 2018.


Typo or did the number of missions increase by 1?


The way I read it. There are 12 Aim 9 tutorials in starting in November.
13 Aim 120s in December.
I am often wrong. :thinking: :sunglasses:

Just reread. I will stick with often wrong.


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Air-to-Ground Gun Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of one of the 13 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet on 5 December 2018.


Maverick Update

In the previous Open Beta, we introduced a very early version of the IR Maverick for the Hornet. In the next Open Beta, we’ll release the completed version.

Of note, we will include the AGM-65F and not the AGM-65G. Although we found a couple of official sources that list the AGM-65G as a legacy Hornet weapon, we cannot find any evidence it was ever deployed to the fleet.

So, the Maverick version for our Hornet will be the laser-guided AGM-65E and the infrared-guided AGM-65F.



As long as they remove the D too. Puny Air Force Mavs have no business touching my jet. .


The D was always a placeholder I believe. It will be removed probably the next update.


Interesting. So regardless of whether the weapon was officially integrated and supported, the criteria for including a weapon is whether or not the plane ever deployed with it?

So not that it couldn’t, just that it didn’t, even if that’s just because historical circumstances never required it. Had for example some Taiwan Strait incident gone hot in the late 90s it’s not inconceivable that Hornets could’ve been firing a lot of Mav’s and blown through the deployed stocks of F’s before they could be resupplied and switched to using G’s just because they could get them sooner.

I mean during a shooting war it’s not unusual for a weapon to be integrated on a rush schedule because it’s needed NOW, so the idea of using one that already was but deemed surplus to req’s is hardly out of bounds.


I agree with JM. I would much rather be limited in-game by capability than doctrine.


We can jail house lawyer theoretical logistics all day long, but can you tell me the practical difference between an AGM-65F and -65G?


From what I hear the F is everything the G is an more, so sounds like we are not losing much of anything.


Why does that matter?


As I recall, the F’s seeker is more tuned for ships and naval operations over the G.


I found this…no idea how reliable.

The U.S. Navy’s "IIR Maverick " is designated AGM-65F . It uses the IIR seeker of the AGM-65D in combination with the warhead and propulsion sections of the AGM-65E. It also features a SAD (Safing/Arming Device) for safer shipboard use. The AGM-65F has also a slightly different seeker software for optimum performance against surface ships. The CATM-65F captive-carry training version replaces the WGU-10/B guidance section with a WGU-13/B.

The AGM-65G is an improved "IIR Maverick " for the USAF. It is based on the AGM-65D, but uses the heavy warhead and fuze of the AGM-65E/F because it is especially designed for use against hardened tactical targets. The AGM-65G also has a new digital autopilot and improved tracking and target selection options. The new autopilot allows the operator to select a lower trajectory to prevent break of lock in clouds. The AGM-65G entered operational service with the USAF in 1989. The AGM-65G-2 is a -65G with the guidance software replaced by a modified version of the AGM-65F’s software. Like the AGM-65D-2, the G-2 also has a faster seeker for higher accuracy and moving target tracking.

The link

So…are these differences something that could be made discernible in DCS World?

Oh…and I think they are a different color. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not likely, unless they made a lot of changes to naval operations. I’m all for options, though and nothing says things couldn’t be expanded in the future.


Except for some software changes which I will bet aren’t reflected in DCS, they’re the same missile. I’d rather have the right one, and if your narrative requires Gs just say they’re Gs. The player won’t be able to tell the difference.


Or its just a few lines in a lua to get all kinds of fun toys to play with…

Did CBU-87 ever get exported?


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