Franze once meet dumb bomb outsmart smart man, also meet man smart dumb bomb outsmart, also dumb man outsmart smart bomb. Best time see smart man play chess with dumb bomb. Was told bomb outsmart smart man.


A real quote from a Russian Army Officer, to some American officers preparing a brief, all on some type of UN Peacekeeper mission on the border between Croatia and Serbia, about 1996.

“Wile you are doing your PowerPoint, we would be killing you.”



Another goody of a Russian quote is from an interview of a general who had been in Afghanistan during their 1980’s milk run there.

The reporter asked about his thoughts on the US going into Afghanistan…his response was “it isn’t wise to step on the same rake twice”. :grin:


Muricah, f*** yeah…


Easy on the politics, folks.


And thus was born the phrase, “death by PowerPoint.”

So… We have Mavs now? Just got home late last night.


They’re a bit raw still. Next weeks OB is supposed to fix them.


well…some of us do…I am still waiting on the update to hit the non-Beta version of 2.5. I thought it was Wednesdays.:slightly_smiling_face:


They wanted to hold off on stable as the Mavs and other things were still a little rough, next update will be another Open Beta. You should have laser Mavs in stable though right? The E’s?


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Air-to-Ground Rockets Training Lesson Recording

This is a recording of one of the 13 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet on 5 December 2018.

  • Select rockets
  • Select salvo
  • Select bigger salvo
  • Select biggest salvo
  • Fire rockets in one pass
  • Create huge glorious explosion of rockets
  • Hit nothing
  • Cry like baby


Seems to be the method I use frequently…


Same here. I know it’s my slant angle and tracking, but it just feels so good.


Love that cat! :wink:


Where is the part about slamming into a hill as you look back on your glorious explosion?


Er, uh, well, you, uh, see… I kinda… Sorta… Use my rockets from altitude. Like, well above 10,000ft. Because it works better. That way.


What!?! If you dont barrel roll through the glorious explosion, you arent doing it right :wink:


That’s what the A-4 is for! Way more roll rate than Bug!

Franze not smart man. He also not dumb man. Not use weak capitalist plane of the computer to take glorious Soviet BB of gold to black box.



[Laughs in Harrier LITENING pod]