I feel this old screenshot is relevant - you can even see the APC escaping unscathed in the smoke.


Oh we’re discussing tactical whiffing? I present the worlds luckiest SAM site.


Hold my beer. I’ve got screens of me missing a parking lot full of cars with rockets.


I drank your beer. Sorry. You took too long to post your screenies.


My rockets only seem to cause infantry mild discomfort; as in… mess up their hair and somewhat worsen the chafing of the BDU.


Load your gun with pineapples and shoot it on their pizza. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Pineapples on pizza cause more than just discomfort. I was trying to be helpful. :wink:


I wouldn’t want to go BioWeapon just to kill some infantry. :stuck_out_tongue:
But thanks.


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet CCIP Bombing Lesson Recording

This is a recording of one of the 13 new interactive training missions coming to the Hornet on 5 December 2018.


Please also note that the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Player Guide as recently updated and almost doubled in size. You can find the Hornet guide at:

install drive letter:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Doc


Hornet Mini-Update 2018-11-30


For one of the next Open Beta updates we will add the A/A Waypoint (bullseye) along with range and bearing to ownship and TDC from bulls is displayed. This can be set to any waypiont, and you’d want to have one waypoint at the same location as the bullseye set for the mission.

Additionally, the Bearing Range and Altitude (BRA) of the TDC cursor to the player ownship is displayed.

Please see the attached image.

From the HSI/DATA/WYPT sublevel, A/A WP pushbutton (2) can be pressed to have the selected waypoint be the bullseye. When selected, the following happens:

1- The A/A WP legend is boxed.

2- A bullseye symbols will be shown in the tactical region of the AA radar display (RWS, STT, LTWS, and TWS).

3- When the bullseye waypoint is also the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a diamond with arrow point to north.

4- When the bullseye waypoint is not the selected navigation waypoint, the symbol appears as a circle with arrow point to north. See attached.

5- The arrow pointer on the bullseye symbols can point to either true or magnetic north, based on the HSI/DATA/AC sublevel selection.

Bearing and Range of TDC and Ownship to Bullseye Indications

Also note that when bullseye is enabled, that the bearing and distance of the player ownship to the bullseye is displayed in the bottom center radar display.

The bearing and range of the TDC to the bullseye is displayed in the top right portion of the radar display. See attached.


BRA Option

From the radar DATA sublevel, the BRA option can be selected (boxed) at pushbutton 19. When enabled, BRA (baring) / (distance in miles) of the TDC to the player is displayed in the within the bottom left tactical area of the display. See attached.

BRA 080o / 28


oooooo. Been waiting on these features for a while.


That’s a bit to unpack. So with this, when we get position calls in relation to bullseye, we will be able to visualize better on our radar?

Did I mess that up?


Pretty much. It allows you to know the position of your target/cursor in relation to bullseye without having to “do the math” yourself. This means if another group calls out a position using bulls, you can more rapidly cue your cursor to that area. Conversely you can also make the calls easier.

This has limited utility in singleplayer, but it’s a godsend in complex MP scenarios.


Hornet Mini-Update 2018-11-30 (Part 2)


A busy day! GBU-10, GBU-12, and GBU-16 also became operational today in the internal build. After some more testing, we hope to bring these to an Open Beta soon.

As with the laser-Maverick, we’ll initially release these with off-board designation, like a JTAC. Once the ATFLIR is added, then self-designation will be possible.

We will later add the GBU-24, but this requires some additional work as it has some significant differences from GBU-10/12/16.


…so the AWACS won’t be using the Bullseye calls? (like Falcon 4.0)


Pretty cool actually. Always threw me for a loop when AWACS referenced bullseye. Now I’ll have a handy visual guide!


AWACS generally gives call outs in ownship BRA. Picture calls and allied flight reports are in Bulls


So no more love for us weirdos who love playing battleship in polar coordinates. Life can be tough sometimes…