After over 10 years I have decided there are areas of the ABRIS I will never learn. At this point, what I know how to do in the 50 is all I will ever know how to do.

Meanwhile, I do still want to improve in the A-10C. Mainly on the TGP bombing side, JDAMs, LGBs, that type of thing.


It’s funny - I’ve never started learning the A-10 yet even though it’s the first module I bought!

I’ve taken it for a spin and don’t love the way it flies, which has kept me away I think. I know it is an epic and fully completed module, though, and nowadays I have TMWH HOTAS so really I should just get in there and do it.


The A-10, to state the obvious, like all flying machines flies best when lightly loaded. Putting MERs on every hardpoint is sure way to put a pig in your hands. I would bolt on a couple of AGMs and a couple of rocket racks and give it another go. I love the way she flies. But then I’ve been flying various forms of mule my whole life so my standards are low.


@smokinhole said



I can categorically confirm that overloading every station on the A-10C will never convert it into a 111.

I’ve tried many, many times.


It will however, make it almost as bad a dogfighter as the F-111 was.


All lies.
Because this.

Does more than 90knots at max power. Ohh and the F-111 has been awarded a manoeuvre kill…


That simply means the other guy was a worse pilot than the Pig one… :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone else having a problem with the 65Fs where they work fine for the first time then afterward the TDC won’t move the seeker head? They still lock if uncaged, just have to move the nose rather than the seeker.


I had a situation where the mfd showed solid green without any contrast. Reflying the mission fixed it. I guess it’s just bugs :grinning:


For me, I flew a mission with them and fired off both, then when I reloaded the mission, I couldn’t move the seeker. Didn’t matter what mission I loaded after that, seeker just wouldn’t respond.

The solid green is related to the FLIR as I understand it, if you’re looking at the sky or odd angles it flashes out. Really evident on the Harrier.


And the other guy was being jammed so hard he probably couldn’t see the ground let alone the radar screen lol


Hehe yeah I imagine that trying to attack an EF-111 at heater / guns range is like sticking your head in a microwave oven!


Anyone else having a heck of a time trying to slew the seeker head on the new Mavs? I know you have to depress the TDC to move it but it seems like mine only works 20% of the time.


I found it works best when using the narrow FOV to slew it. I’ve actually had better luck just moving the aircraft’s nose around rather than slewing the seeker.


By Wags… What are a HARM doing here? (and a F-14)


Three things besides the obvious (oh is that how the TDC works?!)

1 tomcat!
3 TDC being well-behaved in both HUD and maverick.


The HUD slew still looked a bit too quick for me, but there’s no way to accurately say for sure without using it.


Couple things I’ve found with 65F use currently:

  • Use narrow FOV always. The way it slews is more controllable than wide.
  • If precision is needed, leave the seeker caged and move the nose around to lock rather than the slew.
  • Altitude is your friend. Slow down, zero the throttle, find the target on the screen, then when it’s in the crosshairs, uncage. You’ll need to hold steady for a second or two, but if you’re close enough (~9nmi) it’ll lock and you can fire from fairly far out.


Thanks Franze. What I’m trying to figure out is if this is just a function of the Warthog throttle TDC nub being generally not the greatest or if it’s a coding issue on ED’s side.