First bit of news…



Alright. I’m fine.



Literally like 2 more weeks then, lol.


TM… lol.


Does this statement reveal a new HOTAS?

"After the success of our first collaboration with Eagle Dynamic SA on DCS: A-10C Warthog, that lead to the HOTAS Warthog, we are proud to start a new collaboration on the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet”, says Gilles Raulet, Thrustmaster Development Director.


I just love that there’s always something to look forward to, in DCS! :heart_eyes:
Remember the old days, when a sim was released, and that was that. Maybe a patch, or two if we were lucky.


I would expect more info to come out at E3 on this.


Also note that if you can attend E3, You can meet Wags and Groove in person.


If I goto LA,it’d be a one way ticket, I wont come back to the east coast.

Prolly need to start saving for a HORNET HOTAS then?


People still asking what the SA means, lol


Yeah its purely a business thing, nothing changing with ED as far as we are concerned.


I’ma send my intern flunkie to E3 for me… lol.


gotta feeling politics might be playing a part…


Anyone willing to loan me $6500 So I can Uber to LA? hahaha

Edit: I’ll Likely be there for AMD…


Persian Gulf is Ahead of Hormuz?

or has Hormuz been expanded and Renamed Persian Gulf?


Eagle Dynamics SA registered in Lausanne. ED is now legaly a Swiss company?


Hope for a Hornet Hand Grip/Stick for the Warthog, and a Hornet Throttle Unit.


Wow after following this project since it was only being hinted at this all just seems surreal. With a possible hardware collab with the great thrust master. Craziesness.

BTW anyone have a screenshot of the roadmap from the TM announcement a couple years back for reference.


New HOTAS isnt planned until 2020 according to their 2016 Reveal/Roadmap.


I’d love to attend E3 again and with MUDSPIKE vlogging credentials, I’m sure that we’d get some private time with ED, TM, 777, Oculus, Vive, Sony, etc. Alas, what we really need is one of you current or ex jet jockeys to be the face of MUDSPIKE, my street cred being at an all time low.