I thought I remembered another high end Hotas being a ways off. Either way no matter the extent another collaboration is great.


Roadmaps change though,
Pretty sure TM is gonna change their roadmap teo reflect industry changes,
-MadCatz is no more,
-Saitek is now owned by Logitech

A few other things changed since their lil Reveal event last year.


Seems that way. Smells a bit like an aquisition. Or Igor has moved to Lausanne. :slight_smile:

Good on ED for doing another colaboration with Thrustmaster.


i’d be doing what I can to side step the Trumpocalypse. lol


You think Switzerland is a safe space? :slight_smile:




I think it’s smart. Lots of upsides, and possible risks mitigation - all good news for DCS flyers.

Exciting news on the F/A-18 and Thrustmaster. Thanks for posting it @SiThSpAwN


The bit at the end of the press release seemed to indicate ‘Add On’, which could mean something like a new shaped/button’d grip from the Warthog stick?

With T.A.R.G.E.T software that allows for total interaction between different Thrustmaster USB controllers, with simplified configurations in simulators, and the use of a single preset for all controllers, The HOTAS WARTHOG™ joystick is ready for an enlarged ecosystem including among other development, new Add-On for Joystick.

That would make sense, as an upgrade for existing owners but then a still a new SKU for new owners to buy etc. Cool.


>mfw I come back from twelve hours of adult responsibilities.

  1. Hornet hype for the hype god, NAVAIR for the NAVAIR throne

  2. Whatever TM:H has, I sincerely hope it includes a throttle, and that throttle has a better solution than the goddamned clit mouse. Especially considering how the actual Hornet HOTAS works. Oh, and a detent that doesn’t suck.

final phase of development and “Persian Gulf” is close behind.

Let’s play the wording game. I’d personally hoped they’d expand Hormuz north to give REDFOR more room to play, but I won’t complain if it shifts west. Some interesting 1980s scenarios are abound in that stretch of water.


F/A-18C will be by far the most authentic PC simulation of a modern fighter to date, and it will use unique CFD engine and aerodynamics developed by Belsimtek.


Future does indeed looks bright.
I’m so stunned I can’t even put a proper meme…


Brighter than 2.1’s cockpit reflections!


H O R N E T ! ! !



Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt a moment

If ED have gone Swish, does that mean no more kremlin heavies over a dcs’ed su25t or maybe su 27?


Better tax breaks…


Saving money to make money …cmon, make the f111 already :heart_eyes:


And maybe avoiding some of the stress of the global political stage.


DCS Hornet teaser soundtrack by btd. We’re getting closer and closer!


I like it.